And it started with a haircut

When Marty moves in with her hairdresser Mrs.Becky and her teenage son, she says it would be fun, but would it?


1. Mrs.Becky's Hair salon

I walked into Mrs. Becky's hair salon and the bell rang as You entered through the glass door. "Over here" she called and walked through the store room door, her ponytail swung behind her, she had it dip-dyed purple and yellow at the ends, and her long bangs were swiped to the side of her head.

"Hey" You giggled as she rolled through the salon on her roller-skates, You were in Australia for school. "Did you find somewhere to stay yet?" She asked in her usual singsong voice, "No" You said smiling at her "why don't you stay with Michael and I?" She asked you with a giant smile spreading across her face. "I don't know? Are you sure it would be ok?" You questioned,unsure "of course, I insist!" She reassured you "ok" You said knowing You would loss any argument You tried to start.

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