And it started with a haircut

When Marty moves in with her hairdresser Mrs.Becky and her teenage son, she says it would be fun, but would it?


4. "Are you two okay?"

You left the bathroom and walked into Michaels bedroom and looked into the mirror on the wall. "Wow" was all that you could muster as you gazed at your reflection, "yah, Wow" Michael said and you looked over at him and he was staring at you. You could feel you cheeks heating up and you just looked at your old worn-out converse and smiled.

"Y/N!!!!" Becky screamed and you snapped out of it and ran from the door down the stairs, stopping just short of Becky. "You look great hun" she said and you blushed "you really think so?" You asked and she spun you around fast and Michael came down the stairs calmly. "Yeah" he said and grabbed your hand, you shrugged uncomfortably at his touch and Becky's eyes wandered over the two of you.

"Are you two okay?" So asked again and you just shook your head and Michael took the distraction as an opportunity and interlocked your fingers with his.

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