And it started with a haircut

When Marty moves in with her hairdresser Mrs.Becky and her teenage son, she says it would be fun, but would it?


3. 6 ft 3 and in "like" with me

You each walked through the door and Michael grinned saying "your so beautiful!" And your eyes got big "what???" You gasped and he turned to you "not you" he said and gestured to his guitar hanging on his bedroom wall. "But, um you are uh um are too I uh guess" he stuttered and you smiled looking at his eyes, "hair dye??" I half asked and half stated and his eyes lite up as he dragged you to the bathroom and opened the cabinet, letting you so a beautiful array of colored hair dye bottles, "Wow" was all you could muster looking at the bottles.

"Pick one" he said and he let you look at the bottles, your eyes grazed the bottles and you picked up a beautiful blue bottle and he said "sit down" he said pointing to the sink and you lifted yourself onto it running his finger through your hair.

"Have you ever done this before?" You asked nervously and he smiled pointing at his own bright red hair. As he proceeded to dye your short blonde hair.

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