And it started with a haircut

When Marty moves in with her hairdresser Mrs.Becky and her teenage son, she says it would be fun, but would it?


6. 5SOS

"Mikey???" a tall boy with big brown eyes and dark hair questioned loudly and Michael stood up calmly brushing off his back and helping me up with one swift pull of my wrist. "Hey" Michael said and a blonde boy with a lip ring turned off his music, pulling his headphones from his ears, " what do we have here?" He asked and then looked over to me "nothing" Michael said like they hadn't just found us in a closet. "Nothing, huh?" The last boy with a bandana stated and held his hand out to me " well Hi nothing, I'm Ashton, thats Calum and thats Luke" he said and pointed to the other two boys "and we are 5 Seconds of summer" he added and I could tell he was definitely from Australia.

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