Tree skipper, Rue

Rue peaceful kind caring and innocent


1. The Tree Skipper

I woke up early in the morning trying to figure out what awoke me. I placed my feet on the cold ground and walked to wake my sister Mika. That's when I realized it was reaping day. I have been scared of this day for months, I could never win. It's inhuman to kill another. I hate the capital, I hate my job, I hate the way people eat and eat in the capital while all we eat is old stale food. It's not fair, but who cares.

******time skip*****

I walked up nervously to the table where they make sure we are there. If we're not there then we get beaten or death. They simply prick my finger with some special device from the capital. Of corse they don't want anyone missing, that would be awful. I think in a sarcastic tone.

Just when I wasn't paying attention, they started the reaping. Oops. We watched the video from the Capital of course they had it they have every year but this was my first year seeing it in the reaping. It meant something different now. It was something to fear.

"Rue Abbarkaty" the voice boomed.

I quietly went us to the stage holding back tears. How could it be me I only have one in that bowl! It couldn't be me? Could it? I was standing on the stage and I couldn't hold back tears anymore. I knew I was going to die in the 74th annual Hunger Games

Next it was the boys turn.

"Thresh kildo" the voice boomed again.

Oh no not him! He is the person who cuts down wood and makes the places where we live! Rue thought. Rue has seen him cut down wood in the fields and so the jobs that were tuff. I already knew I was going to loose. I could never win, even if I could it wouldn't really be winning, I would rather die now than to enter those games.

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