Appointment with reality

Luna left to go back to England from her brothers tour 3 years ago. Now she doesn't even talk or think about 5sos or 1D. She changed her look, and she actually didn't go to England she ended up in California, USA. Why well you will have to figure out by reading the chapter!
By the way thanks to @starbucks lovers for the title idea!
Also thanks Starbucks Qveen for the cover!


14. What did I just do?

Luna P.O.V

When I kissed Ashton, I felt happy. But, once we pulled I felt so guilty. I can not believe I just did that to July. Ashton gave me the death glare but ran right to July. Once he left I just got so drunk I drank 5 bottles of vodka.

When I was at it I was swearing to death and screaming. The neighbors were probally fed up with it. By the time I went downstairs I lost track how much alcohol I had. "Sis?" Luke said worried. I couldn't even speak right. "ABDKS!" I yelled.

"I HATE PEOPLE AND I NEED TO LEAVE!" I said trying to make it out as much as possible. I went up to my room but I didn't leave I just threw away all my alcohol. I wanted to go threw this pain like a normal person. I was a little sober now, "I HATE MY LIFE. WHY AM I SUCH A SCREW UP!" I ended up punching my wall. I ended up falling asleep.

The next day when I woke up I went right into the shower. Then I went downstairs and everyone just stopped talking and looked at me. "What?" I asked about to cry. "Sis are you ok?" Luke asked. I just shook my head no, I knew I was going to cry.

So, Luke just came up to me and hugged me as I broke down. "I AM SUCH A SCREW UP!" I shuddered. "Why would you think that?" He asked like he was Dr.Phil. "Cause I am ugly, I can never keep a relationship, no one will love me, and I always hurt people!" I said sobbing. As soon as I saw Ashton I ran right upstairs.

 "What was that about?" That's all I could hear people say from my room. When I was listening to them I was packing a bag, yes I was leaving again. But when I was packing I heard two people walk in. I looked up and saw Ashton and Luke but, I just kept on packing and I was thinking of where I was going to end up going.


Hey Its Caitlin sorry its so short.

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