Appointment with reality

Luna left to go back to England from her brothers tour 3 years ago. Now she doesn't even talk or think about 5sos or 1D. She changed her look, and she actually didn't go to England she ended up in California, USA. Why well you will have to figure out by reading the chapter!
By the way thanks to @starbucks lovers for the title idea!
Also thanks Starbucks Qveen for the cover!


10. Meeting the Fiance

Luna P.O.V.

Once Meli woke up we went shopping for clothes and discussed about the wedding. The first store we went to was Forever 21 cause Meli insisted on us going there. She got lots of dresses and skirts. But, then I got her into going to Hot Topics, I got a lot of things there. I spent $350 there, but it was worth it!

After awhile we decided to go to Aunt Katrina's house to go see Dean. I barged through the door saying "IM HOME AND I BROUGHT A FRIEND!" Before I know it I felt Dean kiss my lips, we were kissing for a minute until I realized Meli was there. "So this is the famous Dean Winchester that my little Luna is going to marry." She said I just started blushing. 

"Lets go talk." She simply said dragging Dean upstairs. "So, you finally came home?" Luke asked with Lolly next him. "Yes, I am and its not my fault you decided to know my secrets!" I said.

Deans P.O.V.

Meli started pulling me upstairs and I was honestly terrified on what she's going to say to me. We finally got to Luna's bedroom when she said," You will not hurt my best friend. You understand or i will come all the way to the USA and kick you butt." I just nodded and she said good and started skipping downstairs. I went downstairs and went over to Luna putting her in my lap sitting down.

"I love you" I said in her ear. "I love you too" She said. I am so happy that we are getting married cause i don't know what i would do with out her. 


Hey its Caitlin i hope you liked this chapter!

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