Appointment with reality

Luna left to go back to England from her brothers tour 3 years ago. Now she doesn't even talk or think about 5sos or 1D. She changed her look, and she actually didn't go to England she ended up in California, USA. Why well you will have to figure out by reading the chapter!
By the way thanks to @starbucks lovers for the title idea!
Also thanks Starbucks Qveen for the cover!


12. I dont need any help!

As soon I was done crying I ran to my room. I'm scared cause I didn't like it when I was depressed now I am again! The last time I was depressed I was always drunk. But, I didn't care now I have two-three bottles of whiskey, that I just started to drink. By the last bottle the world was so woozy.

I heard someone knock, "Come in." I slurred. I could make out that it was July, Lolly, and Meli. "Oh god!" They all gasped and went out the door. I ended up finding more alcohol and drank some before someone barged in and took it away. "Hey, I'm drinking do you mind?" I said.

 I could make out that it was Luke and Ashton. "Why are you here!?" I asked before running down the hall to the toilet. I puked at least 4 time before I was able to talk right. "Luna we are here for you and to help out." Luke said.

"I don't need any help! I am fine!" I said arguing with them. We just went back and forth before I won. "Fine we wont help you! BUT, I DONT LIKE TO SEE MY LITTLE SIS DRUNK AND DEPRESSED!" Luke said almost crying. "Well its my life." I just walked of and passes out in my room.


Hey its Caitlin sorry its so short.

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