Appointment with reality

Luna left to go back to England from her brothers tour 3 years ago. Now she doesn't even talk or think about 5sos or 1D. She changed her look, and she actually didn't go to England she ended up in California, USA. Why well you will have to figure out by reading the chapter!
By the way thanks to @starbucks lovers for the title idea!
Also thanks Starbucks Qveen for the cover!


2. heartbreaking news

Luna's P.O.V

I was just about to close up shop when I heard my cellphone ring. It was a private number.

Me-Hello, who is this?

Person-Hi, this is doctor Adam from the hospital of London. I called to tell you that your family member Katrina died earlier this morning from a car accident yesterday?

Me-Aunt Katrina, died. No, you must have the wrong number!

Doctor-Im sorry for your loss, someone that came up here this morning said that the funerals in a week.


I just broke down in tear, how could this happen! If I was there then, I would've been able to say goodbye! I've been in the shop over a hour since closing time and im still in there. After sitting there for 5 more minutes Dean comes in worried. "Babe, I thought something happened to you! Wait, why are you crying?" He says.

"A-Aunt K-Katrina D-Died." I said stuttering,fighting back tears. He gave me a hug and I just broke down on his shoulder." T-The F-Funerals in a Week. That means I have to go back to England for a month or so." I said calming down. " So, ill take off work for a month or two just to be with you, so, your not lonely." He said comforting me. "You don't have to do that for me, if the boys are there I can spend time with him, but, they might be mad at me.." I said.

"No, I will go with you and I get the next flight out." He said confidently. "Fine" I said. I left a note on the counter explaining everything. So, we went to our house and got packed up. The flight was at 5:30pm, so, we had to get going to the airport. IM SICK AND TIRED OF AIRPORTS! I thought. When we got there and gave the person our tickets, I fell asleep on Deans shoulder.

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