Stay Strong (Peeta Mellark's view of Mockingjay)

Peeta Mellark. Victor of the 74th annual Hunger Games with fellow Tribute, Katniss Everdeen. Peeta's only love is Katniss Everdeen. His dying wish is to save her, but when Katniss shoots the arrow into the force field, Peeta is taken captive by the Capitol.

Peeta, and other tributes, that have been captured by the Capitol are tortured. The Capitol wants information out of the tributes, especially Peeta Mellark. Peeta knows nothing. Peeta is the Capitol's weapon against District 13. Peeta must stay strong to protect the Mockingjay.


1. Chapter 1

Katniss Everdeen. The Girl on Fire. Most importantly, the girl I love. And I let her slip right through my fingers, I will never get a chance to see her again. I reply the night I lost her continually in my mind.


"I will see you at midnight." Katniss told me after she broke our last kiss. I watched as she walked away behind Johanna Mason. As Katniss was walking away, she turned back and looked at me. I looked into her grey eyes and wished I could replace Johanna, and walk side by side with her. Little did I know, that would be the last time I saw Katniss Everdeen.


Two days ago, the 75th annual Hunger Games ended. Johanna Mason, Annie Cresta, and I are all here, held captive in the Capitol. I sit in a pure white cell. Nothing is in here, except me. The Capitol has done nothing to me so far. They haven't even given me something to eat.


I came to this prison two days ago. The events from that night play in my mind on a continuous loop.


I heard Katniss call my name. "Peeta?"


"Katniss! Katniss, where are you?" I yell thrashing through the trees. I left Beetee and Finnick ten minutes after Katniss and Johanna started making their way down to the beach. I desperately run through the jungle trying to reach Katniss. Right as the lightning tree comes into view I hear someone yell.


"Katniss, get away from the tree. Katniss! Get away from that tree!" Finnick yells to Katniss. I see an arrow fly into the sky, attached to Beetee's wire and hear Katniss scream. Right as the arrow makes contact with the force field,  the fore field explodes, and I am thrown back into the jungle.


The impact from the explosion had on my body was horrific. I landed on my back, looking up into the crumbling sky that contained the tributes. My hearing was muffled. The falling bits of the force field didn't phase me; as they came crashing through the trees and erupting into flame beside me. My entire body was numb. That was when I saw a hovercraft appear. Two minutes later, my body is enclosed in the claw from the hovercraft.


As the hovercrafts arm pulls me inside, my body still remains numb. I am immediately surrounded by people. I am put onto a hospital bed, with pure white sheets, pillows and blankets. My feeling seems to come back as I feel something being injected into my arm. Within seconds I am feeling sleepy. Before I slip off into a medically induced sleep, my eye catches something. The Capitol sign. I have been captured by the Capitol.


I hear laughter. Not the kind that is evil or manipulative, but the sweet gentle, kind of laughter. The only person who has that laughter is Katniss. The last time I heard her genuinely laugh was when she was five.


I take in my surroundings and find that I am in a meadow. One that is wide and seems to last forever. I scan my eyes around the meadow looking for the maker of the laughter, that is as sweet as nectar. My eyes pass find Katniss motioning in for me to come to her on top of a hill. Once she knows I have seen her, she laughs again, turns around and runs over the hill, out of sight. I smile and start running towards her.


As I reach the top of the hill, oddly not out of breath, I see Katniss standing down in a valley with her hair flowing through the wind.


"Katniss!" I yell to the girl.


She turns around and waves. Her lips were just forming my name when a piece of sky, that looked exactly like it was from the arena, fell on top of her, crushing her slender, gorgeous body.


 "Katniss, no!" I scream waking up from the terrible nightmare. As I sit there panting, covered in sweat, something dawns on me. Katniss could be dead. I hop out of the hospital bed and run through the door, in a hospital gown. I run through the halls screaming her name, desperately trying to locate her.


"Katniss! Katniss, where are you!" I scream.


"Peeta Mellark." I stop dead in my tracks and turn around. I find a man with greying hair, in a doctors lab coat about twenty feet away from me.


"Who are you?" I question the man. He starts walking towards me. There is an eerie feeling to this man, so I slowly start backing away.


"Don't worry, Peeta. You are safe. If you will just come with me, I will show you to your sleeping quarters." The grey haired man turns around, and starts walking away. I don't know why, but I follow him. Slowly. Maybe it was because I thought that some how he might lead me to Katniss, or maybe it was just out of curiosity.


"Where am I?" I ask.




"Yes, I know that much, but where am I?"


The man doesn't answer.


"Where am I?" I question once again.


"That does not matter." The man tells me.


"Yes it does. I need to know where I am." I growl at the grey haired stranger.


"Alright, Mr. Mellark. If you must know; you are in the Capitol." He says in a calm voice.


Right as the seven little word escaped the stranger's mouth, I knew I was in danger. I turned around instantly, and ran back to where I had hear him call my name. I run past the spot, frantically searching for an exit. I pass some men and women sitting at desks.


"Get him!"  One of them yells. There is no reason to stop. The only him they are talking about is me.


I quicken my run as I hear several pairs of boots hit the white tile behind me. I burst through a bright, white door and into another hallway. I see a door ajar on my left and run into it. I shut the door, quickly but quietly. I press my back against the door, listening for the boots running by. As I hear the people pass my hiding spot, I wait a few minutes before going out into the hospital hallway again. I open the door slightly. I peak my head out, searching for any Capitol personal. I get a glance of a women with a tight bun, and a bald man walk by and quickly disappear into the dark room again before they can spot me. Once they turn the corner in the opposite direction I plan to go, I slide out into the hallway on the white socks that cover my feet.


I walk about forty steps before I am grabbed from behind. Within seconds, people are surrounding me. I thrash and kick and struggle against their strong grasps.


I stop struggling once I realize they won't let me go. In silence, with peacekeepers surrounding me, as if I was to escape again, or if someone was going to try and take me away from them; we walk down endless hallways, turn countless corners, up and down several stairs.


The peacekeepers turn me down a hallway that becomes familiar. I am being lead somewhere inside the Tribute Training Center from the 75th annual Hunger Games. We pass several cells that I never realized were in the training center. About thirteen cell blocks down the hallway, the peacekeepers stop me.

"Get into this one." They instruct me. When I don't move they push me into the cell and close the door to the cell.


Three hours later, I hear my cell door open again.


I turn around to find the snake that has put itself in human form. President Coriolanus Snow.

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