Will It Be Forever?

Riley Anderson. They girl that moved to amercia at the age 8 not knowin she have a one year old sister to meet.
Through out the years, things started to change. Her mother started to do some bad thing. And riley ended up having to taking care of mia .. There both now 18 and mia now 11 .. An when calum hood her childhood best friend calls her up and wants to met up .. Will she reconnent with him, or will her story of living in america ruin everything.


1. chapter one

"Riley com'on" my little sister called out. "Comingg" i yelled out. This was it! I finally get to see them. I looked at myself im the mirror one last time.

If your wondering who im talking about, well its luke, ashton, calum, and michael. My childhood friends. I havent spoken to them since i left to come to america. I completely had no choice.

Theres alot of explainning to do there. Ill tell later!

I took one last look in the mirror and headed downstairs. "Ready?" I asked my little sister. She nodded.

I gradded my car keys and headed out the door. "Where did they say to met?" Mia asked. "The park" i said.

It only took us about 10 mins to get there. We pulled into a random spot. I took a deep breath and headed out there. I looked around hoping to see a familiar face. But nothing.

"Rileyyy!" I heard someone calling out. I turned around to see calum! "Omgg calumm!" I said with a smile. He pulled me it to a hug. God ive missed this boy so fricken much. I thought to myself. And i do have to say, hes gotten really cute!

He pulled away and with that i was pulled into a big hug. "Guys.. Cant. Breath" i said. Then i heard the familiar giggle of ashton.

"God ive missed you've soo much!" I said with a smile. They all smiled and said the same.

We went and took a sit by a tree. I looked around to see mia on a swing. "So how has things been?" Calum asked. "Well a lot changed when my mother took me in. I found out i had a little sister. Then something happened to my mom when i was 13 and mia was 6 .." I said looking down. "Which was?" Luke asked. "Um.." I didnt really wanna say what happened just yet. "I really dont wanna talk about it right at this moment guys"

They all nodded and looked over ag mia.

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