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Makenzie is moving. Her father said he has met the perfect girl but they live in Florida and are moving to Sydney, Australia. Makenzie meets her new 'step brother' but she starts to fall for him. What will happen?


2. Two✌️

Makenzie's P.O.V

I walked up to my dad talking on they phone with a smile on his face. It must be Liz. "Hey quick question when are we leaving?" I asked "about right know he said.

Here we go. yay! not

* In the car*

" omg please turn doe the radio I'm trying to listen to my music to!" I yelled over the blasting music going through the car. " Fine" Sydney said while pouting. I didn't care she always did that, it's a habbit she does most of the time. it was about 3 hours to the airport. Here we goooo!

*skip the rest of car and plane ride*

We got a taxi and told the man to drive to my dad's girlfriends house. It took about 10 minutes to get to but it's fine. Te taxi driver pulled up into the driveway ad let us out. " WHOAA!" My dad just laughed, this house was like mansion!

We got our luggages and hauled them to the front door. My dad knocke and nobody came until there were footsteps. Coming! Somebody yelled.

Whom I'm guessing is Liz opened the door and welcomed us in. "Welcome guys to your home"she was so happy for us to be there but I sertainly was not. "Luke, come down here and meet them!" Liz yelled. "Okay one second" somebody said while hopping down the stairs. Oh no. Not him. THE name is ringing Nelson my head.


Soooo how is it.. I mean I did write it the first time but then it deleted it when I was typing it so I had to write something down really quick😂 but not to bad for te second chapter eh😂👍 anyways please leave our comments and please like it up

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