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Makenzie is moving. Her father said he has met the perfect girl but they live in Florida and are moving to Sydney, Australia. Makenzie meets her new 'step brother' but she starts to fall for him. What will happen?


1. one☝️

Makenzie's P.O.V

BEEP BEEP BEEP! My alarm rang in my ears. Finally my last data this Hell hole.

Ughhh I hate my dad, ever since he stared dating his new girlfriend Liz. He says she's perfect but nobody's perfect. Nobody never has nor will anybody be. I shot up out of my be and races over to my closet getting out of my warm and soft bed walking into cold air.

I pulled out black skinny jeans that were ripped in places and a Rolling Stones shirt, along with my classical all black converse. Like usual. I grabbed my phone and wobbled to the bathroom were I turned on wheatus (it's a band) and of course my favorite song "teenage dirtbag" came on and I hopped in the shower and washed.

I never really introduced myself. I'm Makenzie, I live with the most boring dad ever and I play guitar and have greenish hazel eyes with dirty blonde hair that's stops before my belly button and have baby blue tips. I guess you could say in the type of girl your parents told you to stay away from but I'm not that bad like for real, I'm nice to everyone.

Anyways I got the straightener and turned it on and blow dried my hair and then straightened it. I grabbed my books and headed down stairs.

It was know 7:20 and school starts at 7:39 so I ate a really quick breakfast and grabbed my keys and drove to school.

I was about to park until I saw my sister, Sydney take my spot." Fuck you!" I yelled with a smirk on my face. Yeah I forgot to tell you I have a sister her names Sydney. We're pretty much best friends. But she can be a bitch at times.

*skip after school*

I put my keys an books down on the kitchen table and yelled for my dad ," DAD!" " I'm up here!" I walked up the stairs to see him on the phone probably talking to that Liz girl.

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