Austin and ally

Austin and ally have been going out for two years. They move in thogther. Then ally thinks she is prerangt. Austin proposes . What will ally say? What will Austin say and do? Who comes back for one of them.


2. unknown is revealed

Unknow pov my named is dallas yes ally crush i really like her.i rembmber when we went out. I wish we still were but my mom made me move. Then i move back to get the dreams of my girl. Now she with austin i going to get revenge on them. I Will have one of my closest friends follow them around to tell me what happening with them so i can make a move and have allly to myself. We will be a happy coulpe again. Dont tell them my plan. Ally pov i been sick for awhile now i have to go to a metting for my new alumb. The baby not due for anthoer month we have a baby name alreday. Jessica Alex moon it a preatty name. I walked to the outside and then i beeing draged in a van i am scared to death. I told austin it woundnt take long he probably has the cops on the way looking for me now.
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