Austin and ally

Austin and ally have been going out for two years. They move in thogther. Then ally thinks she is prerangt. Austin proposes . What will ally say? What will Austin say and do? Who comes back for one of them.


1. Austin and ally

Austin pov. Today was the day me and ally were moving in together. Our parents helped us move. We were done packing. Our parents left us alone to our new house and life. I kissed ally on cheeck then jumped on the bed. I thought about our anniversary. We. Had been dating for two years. I had a surprise for ally on anniversary. I put in a movie for us to watch. After the movie i leand and kissed ally. Ally point of view. Austin leaned in kissed me on lips i kissed him back. He carried me to the bedroom. We got undressed then got under the covers you know what happens next. The next day we had a metting with trish for both our alums. After that me and austin went out to eat. Well your wonder what happened. To trish and dez. Well here what happened to dez he lives in newyork with carrie. Trish is a world famous manger . Well tonight is me and Austin anniversary. We are going out to eat at a special restaurant. We walked in we order our food. Then austin got down on one knee and proposed to me. Austin said ally will you marry me. I said yes yes i shouted. I gave him a peck on the lips. Then we left and went home. Well that nigth we did it again. The next day i was throughing up. Austin had left to go to a friend house. I ran to the store and bought a pregrancy test. Then took it when i got home. I herd austin come to our room. I was nervous what if i was pregrant. How would i tell austin that i was. Then austin came in the bathroom to come check on me. Then the timer went off he said what was that for. I said astuin can you give me a minute. He walked out. I looked at it. It said positive. I started to cry i was happy. Then i walked to Austin and sat down beside him. I showed him he was happy. I gave him peck on the cheek. I told austin i was going to check the mail. I walked out and saw him it been awhile since i seen him i ran back to tell austin he back. Unknow pov. I saw ally i really miss her. I used to like her but austin took her away from me. I still love her so much i wish i could kiss her and tell her i love her but i cant . Cause she with austin. My friends told me she getting married to austin. I will have her with me she will say she loves me not austin. I drove a way quick for they come back. Author note: who do you think came back for ally.,What will Austin and ally do? Will ally go back to him or stay with Austin? Tell me and the comments what you think.
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