Draco (Sneezefic)


2. Chapter Two

Malfoy woke up to hear everyone bustling around, but he didn't open his eyes, fearing light would make his migraine worse. He layer there a few minutes and slowly pushed himself up. He brought a hand to his head and massaged his temples with his lower palm. He sniffed to no avail, his nose was stuffed with what felt like cement but it still ran. Draco internally groaned at this before yanking off the covers and proceeding to put on his robes.

"Hey mate, a little peachy today? Eh?" Crabbe slapped a hand on his back making him jolt forward unexpectedly. "Woah man, you all right?" Crabbe wasn't usually the brightest one but he seemed to have a knack at noticing this kind of thing.

"Yea," he chose his words carefully to not sound like a cement truck and poured it's load in his nose. "I adm fine." He said as he straightened his tie and reached for his robes.

"Whatever you say Malfoy," though his companion could notice the difference in health, obviously couldn't notice such a childish lie, Malfoy was obviously not fine. He was sick, and at that his devilish cold would surely turn into a bloody fever because that's how it always went for him. How it always went, at it was bloody annoying. He slunk to the floor and reached down to tie his shoes but quickly reached up and fumbled for a tissue.

Huh'kanixngnt! Hera'shew! Nxgnt! Huh... Huuh....

He kept the tissue over his nose and his eyes darted around the dormitory. He hated always sneezing three times in a row, even if not right after each other there were sure to be three. He relaxed as he found no one was there and he blew out his absolutely pathetic nose. He leaned his head against the bed. How much he bloody hated sneezing suddenly came flooding back to him. It wasn't just that though, Draco wasn't the self-conscious type until it came to illness. He reached for the tissue box and stuffed his robe pockets with tissues until he could see them peek over, then he removed the top ones to rub his nose again.

He slowly stood up and threw his tissues in a wastebasket as he walked out the dormitory. He sniffed and collected himself one last time before going out of the Common Room to head to the Great Hall. He climbed the dungeon stairs with considerable slowness compared to his usual swiftness. He watched as fellow Slytherin's zoomed past going up the stairs of the drafty corridor. He looked to the next landing before another few flights of stairs. Malfoy, for the first time, very much so hated that his dorm was in the dungeons, and even slightly wanted -not wished- to be a Hufflepuff, he could just sneak into the kitchens and get some much needed tea.

He stopped at the landing for a moment before realizing he forgot his wand next to his bed. He turned around and walked back down the stairs. He pressed his way into the common room and walked to the right where a small hallway broke off from the common area. It was a dark hallway that then turned right -to the girls dormitory - or to the left -to the boys. He turned left and then left again to the circling staircase that went up and down a few respective flights. He walked up one flight to where the fifth years slept. He entered and walked over to his bed and reached under for his trunk. He heaved it out and then pulled it open to reveal his wand. He snatched it up and nudged his trunk back under the bed. He walked over to the staircase and began walking down the stairs to the hallway. Instead of going to the common room this time he swung open a portrait at the end of the hall and proceeded up a Slytherin secret passage. It had a considerable amount of stairs but was more so straight forward. He started to climb and had made it two times around the middle pole when his breath hitched.

Huh-agnxt! Huh...huh...he..huhagnxt! H'agnxt!

He stumbled forward and clutched at the railing to steady himself. 'Bloody colds,' he thought miserably. He fumbled for his tissues in his pocket and pulled some out to clutch over his nose as he continued to climb and sneeze periodically. Every every other time he did a 360 around the center pole he would sneeze thrice in rapid succession, most of the time stifling into his tissues or elbow and mumbling something about how much he hated being sick. He was nearly to the top, he could see the door.

H'gnbnt! He'algnxt! He-he'agnxt!

"Bloody colds." He mumbled and wiped his nose one last time and stuffed his used tissues in his pocket. He pushed open the door like picture and stepped out to walk to the main staircases. He walked down another flight of stairs and came upon the great hall. He walked briskly in and went to the left most table and sat down. He reached for a piece of toast and slowly ate it his eyelids feeling heavy from his restless sleep the night before. He looked up at the other houses, trying to spot if anyone else was suffering like he was, whilst doing so he spotted Potter and Weasley point in his direction and laugh, why they were sitting there still was a mystery as they were finished eating. Though the mudblood hated him as much as the other two did she looked as if she were trying to stop them from laughing.

He finished his toast and glanced at the food filled table. Suddenly he felt the urge to sneeze, but his mind's forceful demand not to sneeze over took his thoughts, his face contorted sub-consciously to a nearly pre-sneeze face. A laugh was heard from the Gryffindor's table direction. He reached up and with the side of his hand rubbed forcefully on his bright red nose. He scowled at his plate and in a quick fluid movement swung around and gathered his bag and strode out of the Great Hall. He walked toward the lavatory and stepped inside. He walked to the sinks and squinted at himself. His eyes were bloodshot and his nose nearly the color of Gryffindor's red, though his skin as pale at the silver of Slytherin. His hair was unkept, something that was uncommon for him, and his tie seemed lopsided, despite him straightening it in the morning.

He reached up and attempted to tidy his hair as Pothead walked into the bathroom, followed by Weasley. They hadn't noticed him as they were deep in conversation. He hoped that somehow they wouldn't notice him, though he would not all be thrilled to pick on the red and raven haired boys today he dreaded that he even had to get out of bed. The two Gryffindor's had still yet to notice him as they stole away to the far corner of the bathroom, their whispers hushed and sounding urgent. Malfoy very much so wanted to get out of the bathroom but the thought of moving made his head spin more that he cared for. He caught snips of their conversation, something about Granger and how she didn't understand how Quidditch worked when Draco sneezed.


Malfoy froze as their conversation silenced, hardly breathing as his face grew hot. Self-consciousness spreading itself to each and every part of his body. He heard Harry mumble a bless you before it was apparent Ron hit him in the arm and then whispered

"Harry, it's Malfoy!" The ginger's voice had satisfaction twisted in his voice. Draco silently prayed that we wouldn't sneeze again until the boys left but his wish went down the drain in front of him as his breath began to hitch.


He sneezed into cupped hands and the two boys chuckled in the corner. He turned to glare at them but his expression turned blank and the out right laughed at his face. His pale eyebrows scrunched up in an almost pained expression, his nostrils flared and his mouth parted sucking in a sharp breath and bringing his cupped hands to his face again. He spun on his heel.


He desperately needed to sniff but decided to spare his pride, when finally he decided he absolutely needed to. He sniffed hard and turned begrudgingly toward the sink and nudging on the water. The Gryffindor's laughed at the poor excuse for a Malfoy. Harry and Ron made their way to the sink and Ron mockingly made a crude pre-sneeze expression and brought his hands to his face, and started to horribly fake sneeze. Harry laughed and Draco furiously scrubbed his hands. Ron ended his fake attack with a laugh and the two high fived. As Harry walked past he shoved Malfoy's back, expecting the blonde to resist his push, shoved hard, and sent Malfoy stumbling.

"Bless you," Harry muttered with a smirk and the two turned to exit the bathroom. He pulled out his wand.

"Impedimenta!" He said and strode in front of them. "Have fun being late to class." He smirked, though he wished he had an excuse to be late to class.

As he made his way to Transfiguration he nearly tripped over a book a First Year had dropped. The First Year stared in horror as Malfoy glared at her. He sighed grumpily and reached down and tossed to book to the 11 year old Hufflepuff girl. He was a Prefect and he had to do that sort of thing, whether he liked it or not. He made it to Professor McGonagall's door and stepped inside. He walked up to his seat and to his horror right behind him was the trio, the two boys didn't seem to be slowed at all. 'Why do we have to share this bloody class?' He thought miserably. He sat down and opened his bag to bring out his Transfiguration Book and set it on the table.

"Mister Malfoy," Professor McGonagall walked up to him. He looked up.

"Yes ma'am?" He asked, honestly hoping the two Gryffindor wimps didn't tell on him.

"I believe you have handed me the incorrect essay, this one is a Potions Essay and I believe Professor Snape may have the correct essay. Could you please go down to his classroom and exchange the two?" It was more of a demand than a question.

"Of course." He took the essay and stood up and glared as the ginger and black haired boys snickered as he passed. He walked into the hallway and to the main staircases. There, he walked to a hall marked dungeons and walked down several flights of stairs. He nearly walked passed Professor Snape's class and he knocked lightly but loudly on the door. He took a step back. The door creaked open and the smell of potions, fire, and potion ingredients wafted out of the door as the potions master took a step out. Malfoy fought a sneeze but lost his battle, the rush of smells and his cold was overpowering.


"Bless you Mister Malfoy, is there a problem?" Professor Snape's voice was cold, even though it was someone from his own house he was annoyed that someone had interrupted his class. Malfoy brought his head up from staring down his chest, it was a feeble attempt to cover his sneeze, but at least he had done something.

"I accidentally gave my potions essay to Professor McGonagall, she believes I may have handed my Transfiguration essay to you instead on accident." Malfoy said.

"Yes, I believe you did Mister Malfoy. Step inside as I change your grade and exchange your writings." Snape's eyes were narrowed and Malfoy's eyes darted to the ground and he mumbled a yes sir. Snape's strode into his classroom and flicked his wand toward the board. He seriously hoped he wouldn't sneeze again, but as he thought this his breath hitched dangerously, but caught himself and held his breath, the persistent tickle edging off.

"You will follow these directions exactly to create the potion we have just discussed." Directions began to be written on the board and the First Year Hufflepuff's stare at them. Draco caught the eye of the girl who he had encountered earlier and nodded to her. He walked to the potion master's desk. He handed the essay to Snape and they exchanged them.

"Have a nice day Mister Malfoy." Professor Snape seemed to growl.

"Same to you sir," he nodded and walked out of the room. He walked through the dungeons and was extremely tempted to just retire to his dormitory but resisted and walked the stairs. He walked through the corridor. He came upon Professor McGonagall's classroom. Decided to let the sneezes he had been holding in since going to Professor Snape's room out.

Ah-ahh-oh-atchew! H'atchew!

He opened the door and walked up to the Professor. He handed the essay in and went to his seat.

"Today we will be transfiguring these flowers into birds." She began.

"Bloody hell," he muttered quietly under his breath. 'Flowers and feathers, how wonderful.' He thought.

Professor McGonagall went on to say that the spell they will be using will be Flosad Pinnales. And how it is pronounced "Fl-AH-sah-d Pee-NN-ah-ley-ss". He made a useless observation that the second part of the incantation looked like pineapples, he then came to a conclusion that his morning would be utterly miserably because at the mention of pineapple he got hungry and found that a small price of that was not enough to fill his stomach.

Professor McGonagall began to hand out the flowers, each person it seemed getting a different color. After she finished she stood in front of the class and faced the chalk board and did a wand motion that looked like a line going straight up then two cones on its right side. The brown haired mudblood began almost immediately successfully turned the red rose she had been given into a beautiful small bird that very much so resembled a Phoenix. Professor McGonagall congratulated Granger with five points to Gryffindornthen moved on the help Longbottom.

Draco lifted his wand and sniffed hard to rid his voice of any congestion that could be resting resident in his pathetically red nose. He glared at his yellow daisy like flower. He silently followed the wand motion from the board. He then, without the motion muttered the incantation. He then decided it was time to attempt the spell. He pointed his wand at the flower and spoke with the motion.

"Flosad Pinnales!" He said as clearly as he could. Suddenly the petals moved to hide the center of the flower, then moved away to show an orange beak next to yellow feathers, the petals bent back and covered the full stem and then turned subtly into individual feathers, the leaves were overcome by the yellow petals and turned to wings and part of the stem shot out from under its body and materialized into solid black legs.

Malfoy smiled proudly at the bird and Professor McGonagall awarded five points to Slytherin and a congratulations. He looked fondly at the small palm sized canary colored bird, it looked up at hit and uttered a musical tweet. He leaned closer to look in its Amber eyes that nearly matched it orange beak. Suddenly it called again and took a swift hard nip straight on Malfoy's nose.

"It bit me!" He exclaimed, causing a few Gryffindor's to snicker and the Slytherin's to look doubtfully at the blonde boy, Professor McGonagall sighed.

"Birds will do that Mister Malfoy." She said as she walked over to Goyle, who's flower has half transfigured into a purple bird but where the head should have been was still a flower. He turned his attention again to the little yellow bird. It's colored resembled those of a Hufflepuff's robes, the smallness of it reminded him of the small Hufflepuff girl he had seen earlier. He reached his finger cautiously out to the bird, he softly pet the small yellow bird, who leaned into his touch. He smiled and sniffed hard making the little bird jump back in surprise.

Professor McGonagall walked to the front of the class and watched as Longbottom and Goyle successfully transfigured their flowers to birds. She smiled as Goyle's bird attempted to take flight and Goyle gasped in surprise. Everyone laughed, including Goyle who stared at the bird in shock.

"I hope you all found this rather entertaining, now you will be trying to transfigure them back to flowers..." She glanced at Malfoy who was apparently not paying attention to her, as he was staring blankly at his bird, "Mister Malfoy, would you like to repeat what I just said?"

"Whahh.. Whah.. Whahht?" He looked up and rubbed vigorously at his nose.

"Excuse me Mister Malfoy?" Professor McGonagall looked at the blonde boy who was now rubbing his nos so hard she thought that it must hurt to rub it that hardl Draco's already red nose was turning more like the Gryffindor's colors each second until his efforts failed.

H'agnxt! H'agnich! He-he-he-atshew!

He sneezed into cupped hands pressed hard against his face. His eyes shut hard even after he was done. He made a feeble sniff and opened his eyes, lowering his hands. He sniffed again, small and quiet, not nearly hard enough to make his nose feel somewhat normal again. Everyone was in a sort of stunned silence. His face turned nearly the color of his nose and he squirmed slightly under everyone's undying gaze, self-consciousness kicking in, hard. He sniffed again and made a small attempt to look at the teacher.

"B-bless you Mister Malfoy." She too seemed surprised. "A-as I was saying," she continued and he glanced over at the trio. Potter and Weasley kept looking in his directions not bothering to try and hide their amused expressions. The Mudblood again seemed to try and make them stop. Though he knew she hated him he thought the effort was supposed to be in the right direction. He sniffed again. 'At least it's only the bloody Gryffindor's, not everyone.' Though this innocent thought was soon to be proven oh, so wrong.

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