Draco (Sneezefic)


1. Chapter One

History of Magic was boring anyway, but -somehow- today it was even more boring. Professor Binns usually was taking about some major yet boring event but today, oh today, he was talking about a weird fat baker that used to work in Hogsmeade at Three Broomsticks, who created a spell to roll dough. To roll bloody dough. How did this even make it into the textbook Malfoy wondered while starring absently at the short teacher. He especially didn't want to be there because he did not feel well by any means, and no one could know.

The night before while running back from Care of Magical Creatures in the pouring rain when he predicted he got this bloody cold. After the oaf who was now called a Professor made them stand around tables outside as it rained and he showed them some kind of rare rain pixie that wasn't even mentioned in Newt Scamander's textbook. It had been raining the day before yesterday and his robes were already soaked, so then in an unfortunate turn of events he forgot to put them in for washing and wore damp robes out in the pouring rain for a second day. He didn't have nearly enough time to eat breakfast after writing an essay he forgot about for Transfiguration the next day and then rushed out with an empty stomach, damp robes, a pounding headache, into the poring rain.

He self-consciously sniffed as quietly as he could and reached for his quill to write a useless note on the guy from Hogsmeade. He looked around at his fellow house mates and then at the Gryffindor's who had shared the class. He glared at Pothead, the Weasel, and the Mudblood then turned his attention back to the teacher before realizing his nose was running. Again.

He glanced at the Gryffindor's and then the other Slytherin's before reaching up and rubbing his nose with the corner of his robe, quite aware of everyone in the room.

He looked again at his classmates and locked eyes with the ginger sitting next to Potter. His eyes widened for a moment and then glared at him with all his might hoping the poor excuse for a wizard didn't notice that his nose had started running again. Ronald quickly averted his eyes and Malfoy turned again the the front of the class. He sniffed again, self-conscious of his ever move. Suddenly he heard muffled whispers from behind him in the trio's direction. He silently cursed himself and the Gryffindor's behind him. He shifted he gaze to the door so he could look at them out of the corner of his eyes. He saw the ginger point at him and then whisper something. He saw the raven haired boy's face bloom with surprise and then smirk at him. He looked at the board which was now sketching an exact drawing of the man from Hogsmeade.

He suddenly felt a tickle in the back of his nose. Realization sprang to his mind and he quickly reached up and squeezed the sides of his nose together. Momentary relief from the tickle before it started to grow. He held his breath and moved his fingers down the bridge of his pale nose. The tickle subsided and he took the opportunity and asked to be excused to the restroom.

He opened the door and swiftly walked to the lavatory quickly moving his feet as another tickle sprang to life. He started to jog along the corridor until he slipped into the bathroom. No one was there as he walked to the sinks and stared at his unusually pale complexion. He reached up and rubbed his nose between his pointer finger and thumb. He sighed and turned on the sink. He placed his hands under the cool water and then pulled them out. He shook them getting most of the water off of them, before placing them on his face, covering his eyes and cooling his cheeks. Suddenly he cupped both of his hands over his nose and mouth and his head tossed forward in a quick sudden sneeze.


He opened his eyes and stared at himself in surprise. Of course he was the one who sneezed so he should have to some extent realize he would sneeze but no, his body decided in a millisecond that he wanted to sneeze. He closed his eyes and suddenly shot forward again.

Huh-agnxt! Thud.

His forehead collided with the cool mirror. He quickly pulled his head back and cursed under his breath removing his hands rpfrom his face. He squinted at the sink before slowly leaning his head against the mirror again and resting his now dirtied hands in the sink. He released a long breath before pulling back and nudging on the water with his forearm. He washed his hands and scurried back to class. His lone footsteps echoed in the halls as he came up of Professor Binns's door. He took a deep breath before turning the handle discreetly and closing the door behind him, aware of his every move. He walked past the Gryffindor trio and saw Ron raise his hand mockingly to his nose and sniffed hard on the air. Malfoy picked up his stride.

He sat quickly in his seat and glanced at the board. Nothing had changed other than the sketch had been completed. He rested his head in his hand and stared at the Professor. His eyes drifted upward to the ceiling and realized that one of the fans was spinning backward. He glanced around and saw that Goyle was twirling his wand in circles staring at the fan. He looked at Professor Binns and then at the fan before he punched Goyle in the arm.

Goyle looked over at Draco with a 'what was that for?' Look and he nodded to the fan. Boyle quickly dropped his wand and the fan soon went the right direction. He leaned back in his chair but soon thought better if it at his head started to pound. He sat up again and looked at his papers which now seem to just be swirling blotches on ink on nearly blank parchment. He slowly leaned back again and settlespd his back on the chair. He looked as Professor Binns rambled on oblivious to the boredom that his students were being forced to endure.


Suddenly he snapped forward in his chair and brung his hands to his face. His face grew red as he sniffed and the Professor and Slytherin's and a few Gryffindor's chorused a bless you. He mumbled a thank you. He heard a muffled laugh from the trio's direction and quickly whipped around the shoot them a fatal glare. Weasley and Potter shut up and Malfoy looked toward the front of the class. He glanced at the clock. Surely the class would be over soon. Much to his horror, it had only began.

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