Skinny Love - l.h.

Skinny Love: when two people are in love with each other, but are too shy to admit it, yet they show it anyway


2. Chapter 2

*christmas morning*

"Oh my gosh mom! Thank you so much!" I yelled.

"I knew you wanted to start making youtube videos. Now you can." My mom said.

"Open this one" I said handing her a small box.

She opened it revealing the diomond necklace i bought her.

"Oh Bree! Im speachless!" She said.

"Your welcome mom." I said.

It went on for another good 30 minuits. We gave eachother pretty good gifts.

*skip to day that the Hemmings' and Stephensons' are leaving for their trip*

"What side do you want Luke?" I asked.

"Left if you dont care." He said.

"Good. I always sit right." I said packing my last bag in the trunk.

We each baisicaly had two bags. Were staying for a week in New York after new years. Im actually kind of excited. I had a bag of stuff to do in the car aka read magazines and this really good book that I got and play on my phone with me.

Luke had his phone and earbuds and some wierd punk rock magazine I think. It had some really good bands on the front. That should keep him accupied. He will probably sleep the whole way though.

Our car is pretty big so thats the one were taking. Since Luke's dad has a work thing and wont be back from Brazil until like March, its easier to take one car.

My mom and Liz are going tot ake turns driving up there. I think they have a schedual like this state Marie drives through until we get to this place then Liz drives.

"You excited Bree?" Luke asked.

"Yeah actually I am. You?" I asked.

"Very." He said.

"Ya'll ready?" Liz asked.

"Yes ma'am." I said.

"Yep." Luke said cheerfully.

"How are you so awake. Its like 3 A.M.?" I asked.

"I dunno. I went to sleep at like 8 so I wouldnt be tired. And im really excited so that helps." He said.

"Well good for you." I said.

He laughed.

*an hour later*

"OH MY GOSH BREE!" Luke yelled looking up from his magazine.


"LOOK AT THIS PICTURE!" He yelled pushing the magazine to my face.

"What is it?" I asked.


"Luke honey, could you quiet down a little. Your being very loud." Liz asked.

"Yes honey please?" I asked.

"Fine. Look at your phone." Luke said to me.

(Luke- L, Bree- B)






B- nice


B- why are you all capping these?

L- I DOnt know

B- 😂

L- so whats up?

B- im right beside you

L- i know just trying to make a convo

B soo,

L- lets play a game. I'll type a word and then you'll type a word and we'll make a story but you type the first word that comes in your head

B- k

L- ready

B- yep.

L- I

B- am

L- secretly

B- in

L- love

B- with

L- you

B- what

L- are

B- no for real what?

L- just the first thing that popped in my head

B- ?

L- you. You were the first thing that popped in my head

B- oh *blushes*

L- your so cute when you do what

B- *blushes harder*

L- *giggles*

B- *mocks you giggling* you sound like a girl

L- *pouts* do not *sticks out tounge*

B- *pulls out hammer* *whacks luke in head with hammer* bet ya didnt see that coming did ya?

L- *dies* no. No i didnt.

B- *cries becouse luke is dead*

L- cries?

B- i mean it would be bad if i killed you

L- yeah. So you would be sad if i died?

B- yep.

L- good to know

B- why?

L- idk just wondering

B- you thinking what im thinking



L- we are so much alike its scary

B- yeah😂

"BREE! LUKE!" My mom yelled.

"Yes?" We said in unison.

"Were at Taco Bell. If ya'll want food, you better come in with me and Liz." My mom said.

We jumped out of the car.

"We texted for a long time. I cant believe its already lunch." Luke said.

"I cant either." I said.

We started walking into the resturaunt.

Luke started humming something.

"I think your pretty, without any makeup on." He sang quietly.

"You think im funny, when I tell the punch line wrong.." I sang quietly with him.

He smiled.

"Its crazy," he started.

"What?" I sang.

"We finish eachothers-" he started.

"Sandwiches!" I sang.

"Hey thats what i was gonna say" He laughed.

A little girl behind us in line laughed.

We turned around. She was wearing a Frozen shirt and was carrying an Elsa doll.

"I like your shirt." Luke said.

"Elsa is my favorite." I said.

She giggled.

Her mom smiled.

"Mom?" A boy asked.

I looked at him. Dang! He is cute.

"Yes Kian?" She asked.

Wait, Kian LAWLEY? As in from O2L?

I got a better look at the boy.


"Yes ma'am i am." They boy said.

"Like THE Kian Lawley." I said.

"How do you know him?" Luke asked.

"Well, I dont know him, but he is from Youtube and he is my favorite person in this group called O2L." I explained.

"Awwe, thanks." Kian said.

"No seriously. Your the funniest and the cutest." I said.

"Thanks." He said.

"Can I get a picture?" I asked.

"I'd love to take a picture with you." He said.

I pulled out my phone. We made a few pictures.

"Thank you so much Kian." I said.

"No problem babe." He smiled.

"Well, we gotta go order. Bye!" I said.

"Bye gorgous!" He smiled.

"K, who was that?" Luke asked.

"THE Kian Lawley. From youtube. If you want I can show you some videos." I suggested.

"Ok babe." Luke said.

"Babe? Last time I checked, im not your 'babe' " i said.

"Sorry, i just, I-I" Luke stuttered.

*skip to leaving Taco Bell*

"Hey umm I never caught your name." Kian said walking up to me in the parking lot.

"Oh, im Bree." I said.

"Could I possibly get your phone number? Cuz your really pretty." Kian asked.

"Are you kidding? Of course!" I said.

"Great. Heres my phone. You can just type your number in and i'll text you." He said handing me his phone.

"Ok." I said typing in my number.

I gave him back his phone.

"Thanks. I gotta go, but i'll text you. Bye Bree." He said.

"Bye Kian." I said getting in the car.

I sighed in joy.

"Mom, that was my favorite boy in O2L." I squealed.

"I dont see what you see in boys like that. He looks like a douce bag. Why cant you like me?" Luke mumbled.

I just ingored him and put in my earbuds.

My phone vibrated.

My mom had texted me.

(M- Bree's Mom, B- Bree)

M- Bree?

B- yes mom

M- whats wrong with you and Luke?

B- nothing

M- no, you two were talking and laughing but when you were talking to that other boy he got mad and now you two arent talking, whats wrong sweetie?

B- Nothing that i know of.

M- ok, sweetie, you tell me if anythings wrong ok

B- i always will mom

M- ok bye honey

B- bye mom

My phone vibrated again.

It was Luke.

(L- Luke, B- Bree)

L- Bree?

I didnt answer.


L- Bree please answer

B- what do you need Luke?

L- im so sorry im acting like an butt head rn i guess i got jealous when you were talking to that boy

B- its fine. I didnt notice anything being wrong. You just seemed quieter

L- well really?

B- yeah.

L- ooooh,Im soooo pumped for new years

B- same.

L- still thingin about my new years kiss😉

B- mabey you can pay some poor helpless girl to fo it

L- well, i was kinda hoping you wohkd bree

B- what?

L- why not

B- well

L- ...

B- yes. I'll do it

L- really?

B- no.

L- why not bree?

B- i dont know. I just dont know you

L- well, lets play 21 questions

B- k you start

L- whats your favorite color?

B- teal whats your fave movie

L- Mean Girls fave song?

B- same and probably L.A. Love by Fergie.

L- 😂

B- what?

L- you like that song?

B- nope. Jk i cant stand that song

L- 😂 same

B- were so wierd

L- ikr

*skip to arriving in new york*

"LUKE WERE HERE!" I yelled walking Luke up.

"What where?" He asked waking up.

"New York? For New Years? Ring a bell? You were so excited about it." I said.

"Oh, were here already?" He asked.

"Yove been asleep for hours!" Liz said pulling into the hotel.

"So, how are the rooms devided up?" Luke asked.

"Well, me and Bree in one room and you and your mom in the other why?" My mom asked.

"I wanted to share a room with Bree." Luke whined.

"Why?" I questioned.

"Cuz your preeeeettty" He smiled.

"Thanks. And i dont care to share a room with you." I said.

Liz parked the car.

"Alright. The two kids in a room and me and Liz in a room. Good thing there are two beds in each room." My mom said.

"Yes." I agreed.

HI! I like how this book is going so far. Thats baisically it! Bye


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