Kiss Me Kiss Me

Skye is a 17 year old who's dad got transferred to a production company in New York. When she goes to run errands for her dad she runs into..... Calum Hood. She becomes close friends with the boys, and falls for one of them but who. She finds herself coming closer to him. He also likes her back but will Skye overcome her fear and ask him out or will they just be friends.


3. Surprise number 2

He introduced me to his bosses. He had three bosses all were girls. I shook hands with Shannon, Dilayla, and Octavia. They were all really polite. Then he ushered me back to "Cal". Cal gave me some white pants and let me change. I still couldn't figure out why he looked so familiar. Then I went out and my dad introduced the other three boys as Ashton, Luke, Michael, and Calum. Something about them made me want to scream. Then they said they were all members of my favorite band. 5 Seconds of Summer. I tried too keep my cool. It was pretty hard seeing as they were the hottest and best band in the whole world. Calum and Luke asked almost simultaneously if I wanted to hang out for the day and see a movie or something. They turned to each other as I turned to my dad the boys were hysterical. My dad gave me a head nod meaning he was okay with it. He told the boys, "You hurt my baby girl I will end all of your careers so watch it!" I looked at them and they were silent and didn't make a noise the whole time he was talking it was extremely awkward. I gave my dad the "We will discuss this later now knock it off or you will regret it" look. He shut up mid sentence and mouthed, "Sorry!" I turned to the boys and said, "So where are we going?" Michael replied with dirty smirk. I was kinda cute. Ashton, Luke, and Calum all chanted, "MOVIES MOVIES MOVIES MOVIES MOVIES MOVIES!" Then Michael said, " Why don't you and me go out some time we can hang out at my place and watch TV or something and have fun there." I told him," I don't think i'm ready for a boyfriend yet. I just got out of a really long relationship with my X-best friends brother. I still miss him." He replied with,

" Okay, can it be just as friends though?"


"When do you wanna hang"

"How about next week Wednesday?"


 At that we went out to the bus and bought out the whole theater to Mocking Jay part 1. I was surprised that I even went with them I was that shy good girl who had no friends. It was peer torture when my best friend became my worst enemy. 

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