Kiss Me Kiss Me

Skye is a 17 year old who's dad got transferred to a production company in New York. When she goes to run errands for her dad she runs into..... Calum Hood. She becomes close friends with the boys, and falls for one of them but who. She finds herself coming closer to him. He also likes her back but will Skye overcome her fear and ask him out or will they just be friends.


4. Pure Fun with 5SOS

The movie was amazing until Ashton and Luke started yelling when they saw how "Hot" Katniss looked in her hunting suit. I just kinda started to fall asleep when they started fighting. I turned to Michael and we got up and snuck into the movie The Pursuit of Happiness. We both loved the movie.

The boys ran in after the movie was over and saw us and yelled, "Where were you guys? We have looked all over the theater then we got mobbed by fans!" 

"Oh we were just tired of your guys yelling in the middle of the movie! So we left!" Michael said. We got up and followed the other boys out of the theater. I guess Michael took my phone because he had it and was typing something. I took it back. Then I realized he was giving me the boys numbers. I was so happy! I always get this weird tingly feeling when i'm around Michael and Calum. It's kinda weird. I only meet them because Calum and I ran into each other. I still have to clean out my hair but oh well no one has said anything. YET!!! I just remembered who I was walking with. OMG I am walking with 5SOS and no one said anything. WOW! All of a sudden my phone started ringing. I pulled it out and saw it was twitter saying I had a a mention from Michael, Ashton, Luke, and Calum. Then my phone wouldn't stop ringing so I put it on silent making a mental note to remove Twitter from my notifications. I turned and saw the boys getting mobbed by fans. We had stopped and I hadn't even noticed. I wasn't surprised. I always got lost in my thoughts. Then I started to feel nervous. I had never been around that many people ever. I must have been showing my nervousness because Michael came by my side and started side hugging me and rubbing little circles on my back. People immediately started taking pictures. The boys were ushering me in the van because I started crying from all the pressure. Michael felt so bad he kinda said sorry before I fell asleep with my head on his shoulder. Iwoke up at 7 O'clock the next morning.

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