Kiss Me Kiss Me

Skye is a 17 year old who's dad got transferred to a production company in New York. When she goes to run errands for her dad she runs into..... Calum Hood. She becomes close friends with the boys, and falls for one of them but who. She finds herself coming closer to him. He also likes her back but will Skye overcome her fear and ask him out or will they just be friends.


2. Moving

Skye's POV

I am sitting on my suit case when my dad calls,"Skye get down here we are gonna miss our flight." I ran down the stairs and tripped on the last step. I ran out to the taxi and got in. "TO THE AIRPORT" I screeched. We listened to 5SOS the whole way there. I yelled the lyrics the whole way there. My dad payed the driver and told me he had a surprise for me when we got there, but it was a surprise. We went and got our tickets and went to the boarding area. I sat down and I put in my earbuds. 5 minutes late I looked up and people were looking at me. I guess I was singing louder than I thought. I mouthed, "SORRY." "Flight 209 boarding now." I got up and grabbed my carry on and started to get in line. My dad came up behind me and said, "I hope you like the new house and your second surprise." I looked at him and my eyes got huge. I handed the flight attendant my ticket. I boarded the flight and found my seat and my dad sat next to me. I put my headphones on for the 4 and a half hour flight. Next thing I knew the flight attendant was shaking my shoulder. I got up and apologized for it and got off of the plane. I found my dad and we grabbed our bags then my dad got into a ....LIMO. Gee this company sure likes my dad. I wonder what our house looks like. We got to the house and I ran to the door and grabbed the keys. I unlock the door and run in it has everything in it . I ran into my room and It was scarlet and black I love it so much. My covers matched and everything. I loved it. I ran and hugged my dad. He sent me out to the back yard where a lady held a puppy. I pointed to the puppy and she nodded her head I screamed and grabbed the puppy. It was a girl I decided on naming her Chantilly. Right now she is my whole world. My dad is calling me. I brought the puppy inside and he said that it was time for surprise number two. We had errands to run. YEAH!!! NOT! I had to go and get some Envelopes. When I left the Post Office I ran into a boy. He said sorry and I felt something hot on my pants I looked down and there was coffee all over my brand new white pants. I was so mad. He said that he had some more pants at his work that he thought would fit me. "Do you date a lot of girls?" I blurted out. "No!!!" he replied, "I just work at a company that needs a lot of clothing for stuff." We sat there quiet for a minute. I decided I would go with him he did look awful familiar. I knew I could trust him. I followed him to a huge building. I walked in and saw three other guys standing there. "Cal!!!" They all yelled in unison. They greeted each other and Cal introduced me as the girl he ran into and spilled his coffee all over. Then I saw someone out of the corner of my eye. It was my dad. I walked up to him and asked him what he was doing here he said this was the building he worked in.

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