Kiss Me Kiss Me

Skye is a 17 year old who's dad got transferred to a production company in New York. When she goes to run errands for her dad she runs into..... Calum Hood. She becomes close friends with the boys, and falls for one of them but who. She finds herself coming closer to him. He also likes her back but will Skye overcome her fear and ask him out or will they just be friends.


6. Meeting the Moms

I talked to my dad and he said that I could spend the day with the boys. I was so happy because he also gave me a new phone because my old one cracked and he made me delete my twitter account so that I couldn't receive anymore hate. I wish people were nicer to people like me. I understand why though. I am not very pretty so someone like me should no be hanging out with them. I have wished my whole life that I would be pretty. I guess it is never going to happen. I found out that we are going to McDonalds for lunch. I almost screamed. I love McDonalds so I called shotgun. Michael called driving I kind of giggled because he said, "I call paying for Skye, but I need to stop somewhere first." We all agreed and then we stopped at the bank. I was okay with this until he pulled out like $200. Then we pulled up at this house and 4 beautiful women came out. They looked they were moms. Then Micheal said, "Hey mom. We are going to Macdon's. You guys wanna come." The ladies all replied with yes then crawled in their car. Micheal said, " We will be right there we have to stop one more place. We pulled up at one last house. This time Michael got out. He told us, "I'll be out in a minute if i'm not out in 5 minutes come get me I am probably getting beat." I was really conused then he was gone. Calum told me, "This is Michael's girlfriends. He has been trying to dump her for 3 months." I felt kinda bad because I thought that he was dumping her because of me.  I felt really bad then we heard Michael scream, We all got out of the car and ran inside. I was the first one inside, and then I saw it Michael was telling the girl it was over. Then Michael looked at me and and we all walked out and no one said anything the whole ride to McDonalds. Once we got there we all walked in and the boys started talking to their moms.I stood there all awkwardly and finally the boys remembered I was with them. I was introduced to Joy, Ann-Marie, Karen, and Liz.Micheal went to the counter and order 2 of everything on the menu. I decided I would have a shake, and a ranch BLT. We ate and talked until I had to go. Micheal drove me home and the other boys stayed to eat some more with their moms.

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