Kiss Me Kiss Me

Skye is a 17 year old who's dad got transferred to a production company in New York. When she goes to run errands for her dad she runs into..... Calum Hood. She becomes close friends with the boys, and falls for one of them but who. She finds herself coming closer to him. He also likes her back but will Skye overcome her fear and ask him out or will they just be friends.


5. 5SOS hatred

I woke up in an unfamiliar place apparently I had spent the night at Michael's. I think I was starting to like him! It was exciting. I loved how he always dyed his hair and how he styled it and of course how he was the only one, besides Calum, who has actually talked to me without looking at the the others for an okay. Everyone was quiet around me otherwise. He was so sweet and the other boys were kind but Calum and Michael were the only ones who were nice to me. Michael was the nicest boy I ever meet but I wasn't ready to date another boy yet. My last relationship wasn't the best and ended right before I left. I should have broke up with him when it started off bad. I thought that he loved him as much as I loved him but I guess no. Oh well I hate him now. I looked at my phone only to remember that I had to turn off the notifications for Twitter. I decided to check my Twitter as soon as I saw all of the mentions I started crying tears of sadness and happiness some people were really nice. Others said stuff like "Kill yourself," "Go die in a hole," and "Why her she is so ugly?" I immediately threw my phone at the wall. Ashton ran in with drumsticks yelling, "What? What happened? Are you okay?" "Yes, It's just hate comments." We talked for a bit before he was hungry. Before he left I whined out, "Ashie carry me i'm too tired!" "Why, you have two feet. Walk on them," He joked. I gave him my best pupy eyes he finally caved. "I win! I win! I win!" I yelled as he carried me down the stairs. I started feeling proud when all of a sudden I was set on the counter and given a plate.

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