Finding love

Hi I'm McKenna I'm 17 I live in Ireland and I am a orphan me and my two best friends Jacqueline and Bethany were given up for adoption when we were born and we are all a week apart Bethany just turned 18 and she has not moved out of the orphanage yet she is waiting for me and Jacqueline to turn 18 and we r going to move in to a apartment


10. chapter10

Bethany pov: I woke up to the smell of bacon. I looked up and saw Harry caring two plates with bacon and pancakes. I smiled and asked " Harry what is this for?" He said "well I thought I wold make you breakfast. " I said " I can see that but why?" Then he said " well I wanted to ask you will you be my girlfriend?" He looked at the ground. I started smiling like crazy. Harry the said " oh sorry never mind." Then he looked up and saw me smiling and said " why are you smiling?" I said " Harry you just asked me to be your girlfriend why wouldn't I bee smiling and I forgot you were looking down so you could not see my face and yes I would love to be your girlfriend." Niall pov: I woke up and I saw McKenna looking at me and I said " what are you looking at?" She said " you of course." I blushed and she kissed me and I smiled against her lips. She pulled away and said " I need to take a shower." Then I said " can I join I mean we are sharing a room so it makes Sence." I was regretting what I said. She said " yes but no funny business and NO TICKLING I could fall and crack my head open." I smiled. She slowly took her top off and i had taken my shirt and pants off. She looked at me and I said " are you ok if you don't want to you don't have to." She looked up at me and said " Niall I'm just a little self couscous." I put my hand on her cheek and lifted her head up and she looked me in the eye and she leaned in and kissed me as we were kissing She said "come on we need to get a shower." We striped and got in. McKenna pov: we got in the shower and Niall walked behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist and turned on the shower. He let the water fall on us. We got out and he wrapped a towel around his waist. I started starring at him. Niall said "Like what you see." He winked at me I just nodded and realised that I still had not wrapped a towel around me. So I quickly grabbed a towel and wrapped it around my self. We got dressed and I was about to open the door when Niall said " where do you think your are going." I turned around and walked over to him and wrapped my arms around his neck and he wrapped his arms around my waist. We kissed and as the kiss deepened I jumped up and wrapped my legs around Niall's waist and he cared me over to the bed and sat down. I was sitting on his lap still kissing him. I ran my fingers through his hair and pulled his hair. He let out a soft moan. I smiled against his lips. I pulled at the hem of his shirt wanting him to take it off. He took it off only breaking the kiss for a few seconds. Then the door flew open reviling a tired Jacqueline. She said " WHAT THE HELL I did not want to see that putt a sock on the door or something or maybe lock the door before you get that carried away I mean what if Harry was the one to walk in." I got off Niall and ran out the door and pushed Jacqueline in the the room that used to be Niall's. I said " you can not tell Harry what you saw he will kill Niall and then he will kill me. OK." She said ok and left.

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