Finding love

Hi I'm McKenna I'm 17 I live in Ireland and I am a orphan me and my two best friends Jacqueline and Bethany were given up for adoption when we were born and we are all a week apart Bethany just turned 18 and she has not moved out of the orphanage yet she is waiting for me and Jacqueline to turn 18 and we r going to move in to a apartment


4. chapter 4

McKenna pov: when we got to the orphanage we all crashed in our rooms except me because there was a knock at my door and I opened it and standing there was my ex-boyfriend Ross he broke up with me for another girl. I asked him " What do you want Ross its late and as I can remember I said to never speak to me agin." He said " well I just wanted to say happy birthday because I'm leaving tomorrow so I will miss your birthday so. And you don't have to worry about me bothering you anymore I got adopted by a family in America." With that he left. And I went to sleep. The next morning I woke up and got dressed in a black pair of skinny jeans, a white graphic tee shirt and some boots. I did my make up and I called Luke. He picked me up five minutes later. The car ride was silent for the first five minuets but then I turned on the radio and "she looks so perfect by 5sos" was playing and I just started singing along not remembering who I was in the car with and the I heard Luke start laughing and I turned to him and said " hey I'm just sing to my fave song by my fave band so don't judge ok." And he nodded while still laughing. We get to the hospital and wait in the waiting room. I heard a nurse call my name and I stood up and grabbed Luke and made him come with me. The doctor looked at my arm and said " it's just a sprained wrist you need to were a brace and make a appointment to see me in 2 weeks ok." I nodded and we left. Luke drives me to the store to buy a brace. We got out of the store and I put it on my wrist and then looked at Luke and said " come to the orphanage tomorrow it's my bday and we are going to do some stuff and you can bring the boys. Niall, Louis, Liam, Harry, Zayn, Bethany, and Jacqueline will be there." He said " I'll be there what time do we come?" I said "12:00 pm." We arrived at the orphanage and I got out and said goodbye. But I heard Luke say "McKenna wait. I need to ask you something." I turned around and said "here come in and ask me." So we walked in the orphanage and I said "this is me"and opened the door. We walked in and I sat down on my bed and patted the spot next to me and I asked him " what did you need to ask me?" He stuttered "w-will y-you b-be my girlfriend?" He said not even looking at me. I put my finger under His chin and lifted his head up and I said " Luke hemmings I would love to be your girlfriend." His face brightened up and he smiled I hugged him and said with the best puppy face I had "can we have a movie night tonight?" He smiled and nodded yes. I jumped up and grabbed my fave movie mean girls and put it in and then I pressed pause. Luke looked at me and said " what did you do that for?" I said "I want to change in to something more comfortable and i wanted to see the whole movie." I went to my dresser and grabbed and pair of sweat pants and a oversized tee. I went into the bathroom and changed and I came out and gave Luke a spin he laughed and said "now it's my turn to change" then I said " um Luke u have nothing to change into but I have some of Niall's sweat pants if u want them?" He said " ok" I handed him the sweat pants and he put them on quickly. I said " why are you in such a hurry?" Then Luke said " mean girls is my fave movie." While jumping onto my bed. I started laughing and he looked at me and I pressed play. I snuggled up to him and I looked up at him and he looked down at me and we both leaned in and are lips touched and then we both pulled away and started to watch the movie. Luke pov: I sat there watching mean girls and i looked down to see that McKenna had fallen asleep I turned off the Tv closed my eyes and fell asleep. McKenna pov: I woke up with a pair of arms around my waist I knew that it was Luke so I turned over to see Luke asleep with his mouth open a little. He was so cute. I saw his eyes flutter open and he said " happy birthday McKenna." I pecked his lips and laid my head on his chest and I just sat there for a little bit and then said" I need to get my papers today and I will find out my last name." I got up and went to the dresser I tossed a shirt to Luke and grabbed a a pair of black skinny jeans and a one direction tank and some gray vans. After I changed I saw Luke standing up on his phone I ran and jumped on his back and said" onward to the front desk" he walked me to the front desk I hoped of his back and said to Anna the receptionist " Anna this is Luke he is my boyfriend." Then I said to Luke " Luke this is Anna she is like a mother to me." I asked Anna " can I have my papers now Anna." She nodded and gave me my papers I walked to Bethany's door and i opened it and went in she sat there with her papers still unopened and ran and hugged me and said " happy birthday McKenna." We walked out of her room and she stoped when she saw Luke and said "why is Luke here I thought everybody was suppose to get her at 12:00 and it is only 11:00?" I said " he stayed the night."she nodded and we went to Jacqueline's room and me and Bethany walked in and she ran up to me with her papers in her hand and hugged me and said " happy birthday." We walked to my room and saw Luke on my bed his back facing towards us I ran and jumped on his back and he said "ow McKenna" I laughed and jumped off of him so he could get up Jacqueline said "what is with you and Luke are you two a thing or?" I nodded and he wrapped one of his arms around my waist and said " yep she is all mine." And then I said "Luke will you go and get some food plz?" He nodded and left a few minutes later there was a knock on the door it was Niall and the rest on one direction a few minutes later there was another knock on the door and I opened it and it was Luke and the rest of 5sos I let them in and Luke put the food down we all sat down on the ground in a circle and I opened my papers I read my full name out load " McKenna Elizabeth Styles." My eyes widened and so did Harry's we looked at each other and I said " Harry I'm your sister." Then I looked at Jacqueline and Bethany's papers and it said Jacqueline grace Horan and Bethany Liz Malik I gasped and they shook there heads and I told Niall and Zayn and they hugged their sisters and I went to Luke and said "Can we talk in the hallway." He nodded and followed me out I wrapped my arms around his neck and said "can I have as birthday kiss." He leaned in and kissed me I kissed back and he wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me closer to him I pulled away so I could breath and he did the same and then I kissed him agin. Niall pov: I was talking to Jacqueline and I found out that we were soooo alike is was crazy I told her " I like McKenna." And she looked worried I said " I'm going to check on her." She grabbed my hand and said " no you can't I won't let you." I pulled away and went into the hallway I looked one way and I did not see her but when i looked the other way I saw two people kissing and I heard her say "Luke we need to go back in we need to cut the cake before Niall does I know that boy and he can't control him self around food." Then she looked at me and I ran out. McKenna pov: I ran after Niall and finally caught up with him and I grabbed his hand and he turns to look at me I saw his tear stained face I sat him down and asked "Niall what is wrong are you ok?" He looked up at me and said "why were you" his voice broke "kissing Luke?" I said "Niall he is my boyfriend and if you think I will leave you my best friend in the whole wide world you are crazy. Do you know the hell I've been through these last four years with out you I cried my self to sleep every night because you weren't here beside me." He looked up at me and hugged me and said " I was in hell too." I walked him back to my room we walked past everyone and walked into the bathroom and I got out a washcloth and wet it and I put it on his face put when I did he grabbed my wrist and said with he voice breaking "McKenna you didn't did you how could you I thought you were over this?" He saw the new scars on my wrist from last month. **flash back** I ran to the orphanage after kids at school said to me " your ugly no wonder your parents gave you up." I ran to my bathroom and I picked up the blade I cut my wrist and cried. I was crying to loud to here Niall come in he saw my wrist and the blade and picked me up and sat me on my bed he took out the first aid kit and warped my wrist up to stop the bleeding. Niall looked up at me and said "McKenna promise me that you will stop. Promise me." I said " I promise " ** end of flash back ** Niall said more like screamed " MCKENNA YOU PROMISED ME YOU PROMISED ME YOU WOULDN'T why did you why." I looked at him and started crying and said " my last boyfriend cheated on me and I saw it but he had such a hold on me that I forgave him and then he broke up with me because I wasn't pretty or smart enough for him and that his others girlfriend was better and he did not need me." He pulled me into a hug and I started crying into his shirt. Luke pov: I heard Niall yelling at McKenna and the she started crying I went over to the bathroom and I oped the door and saw McKenna crying into Niall's shirt. I said "McKenna what's wrong." But before I could finish Niall cut me off and said " McKenna we are pitching ALL of them ALL and DO NOT hide one I will look around your room every day if I need to I will not have you doing this to yourself EVER." Then I said " what happened McKenna?" She looked at Niall and he left the she said " I have a problem." Her voice broke and she pulled up her bracelets revelling scars some old and some new. I looked at her and said "McKenna you are going to be fine we can get through this, you me and Niall. Ok." She hugged me and said "I'm so sorry but he made me do it he broke my heart I just had to let my pain out Luke thanks for offering to help me I really need support right now." I said to her " take off your bracelets you don't need them.

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