Finding love

Hi I'm McKenna I'm 17 I live in Ireland and I am a orphan me and my two best friends Jacqueline and Bethany were given up for adoption when we were born and we are all a week apart Bethany just turned 18 and she has not moved out of the orphanage yet she is waiting for me and Jacqueline to turn 18 and we r going to move in to a apartment


3. chapter 3

Niall pov: I looked at Luke and McKenna they had their eyes locked on each other and I was getting jealous because I had liked her for years. Harry walked in and said " hey how is the girl?" I said "her name is McKenna and she is fine." Harry said "good" and sat next to her and taped her shoulder. Next thing I know I herd a squeak come out of her mouth and her eyes widened and said " omg it's Harry" Luke said " don't worry she did the same thing to me." Harry just laughed and then her eyes turned back to Luke. McKenna pov: after Harry walked in I said looking at Niall " where can a girl get food around this place I'm starving." I heard Niall say "I'm starving to Luke go make us some food Now." Luke said " why do I have to?" giving him a puppy face I herd somebody say "who wants food?" I turned around ant it was Louis i smiled and walked over to him and grabbed the food and sat next to Luke and I saw his eye widen and I said "if I sat by niall there would be no more food." I grabbed a sandwich and put in my mouth and gave Luke the plate he took a sandwich and put it in his mouth and handed Lou the plate and sat down next to me. Niall got up and looked at me and left with Lou and Harry . I went back to eating my food and i looked at Luke and he said " would you like to hang out some time?" I said to him " only if it's a date." He said "ok" then I asked "Do you mind driving me to the hospital tomorrow to get my arm looked at?" Luke said "sure." Then somebody said "time for 5sos." Then Luke left and I thought "OMG I left B and J they are probably looking for me" then I went to find Niall and as soon as I did a security person came in holding B and J asking " they say their looking for there friend McKenna? Do u know them." He said to me and I said" yes." He let go of them and B came up and smacked me and said " where did you go we were worried about you and why are you back here?" And I realised that they did not see Niall yet but then he came out and they froze. Niall sat them down and explained everything to them. Then I saw Lou and Harry walk in and and I did not say anything except " you guys may need to run." And Bethany and Jacqueline turned around and screamed "OMG!!!!!" Jacqueline ran up to Louis and hugged him and he just stood there in shock and Bethany just said " HI Harry!!" And he laughed. Louis pov: a random girl just went up to me and hugged me I looked at McKenna and she just mouthed " just go with it." McKenna pov: I just heard 5sos end so I knew that they would come in and 1D would have to leave and now I had to explain who Bethany and Jacqueline were to them. After I was done I sat by Luke and laid my head on the shoulder and said " I'm sleepy." And Luke looked at me an said well I can dive you guys home if you want " we said " ya if you don't mind." We all got in the car me and Luke in front and B and J in the back. He asked "where do you guys live?" I gave him directions and we got there and he asked " where do you live I don't see any houses around here?" Then I said " we live here look at the sign on the building." He looked up and saw the sign for the orphanage. We got out and he said " see you tomorrow McKenna." And left.

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