Finding love

Hi I'm McKenna I'm 17 I live in Ireland and I am a orphan me and my two best friends Jacqueline and Bethany were given up for adoption when we were born and we are all a week apart Bethany just turned 18 and she has not moved out of the orphanage yet she is waiting for me and Jacqueline to turn 18 and we r going to move in to a apartment


2. chapter 2

Niall pov: I rushed her back stage she was still not awake. I sat down on the couch and laid her down on the couch with her head on my lap I stroked her head and started to cry I missed her so much and now I get to see her but she is hurt. I said to the boys " go get some ice and paper towels NOW." I started to see her eyes flutter open and she said " where am I?" I could tell she did know know who I was and where she was but then she looked directly up at me and said "NIALL is that you?" I looked down at her and said "yes it is." She tried to sit up but then she clutched her arm and winced in pain. I helped her sit up and she sat on my lap and hugged me so tight and then hit me on the arm and said "NIALL JAMES HORAN you did not call or text you made me think you forgot about me don't ever do that agin." I said " ok ok just don't hit me agin." Luke pov: I walked in and I saw them hugging and I said " um I have the ice and paper towels." She looked at me and froze I herd a little squeal and she just said "OMG OMG I'm going to die." She never took her eyes of me and she had a smile plastered on her face. I asked niall "um Niall is she ok she looks faint." He said " she is fine except from the broken arm and the cut on her head but I don't think that is why she looks faint Luke." I said " well then why does she look faint?" He replied " Luke first things first look at her shirt you are obviously her favorite." I looked at her shirt and is said "Luke hemmings is mine so back of" when I read her shirt I laughed and she just stood up and walked over to me and said "Hi I'm McKenna I'm a BIG fan." I said " Nice to meet you McKenna now let me look at your head." My dad had thought me how to fix a cut on somebody's head. "ok but how bad is it?" She said pure fear written across her face. I said " it's a small cut you will be fine ok just lay down on the couch and I will fix it." She did as I said and laid down and when I was done I just looked at her and she was SO beautiful. McKenna pov: I just looked at Luke while he was fixing my cut and thought wow Luke hemmings is fixing the cut in my head he was so handsome and when he was done he sat in a chair he just starred at me and then he bit his lip ring and my eyes locked on him and we never broke eye contact.

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