Finding love

Hi I'm McKenna I'm 17 I live in Ireland and I am a orphan me and my two best friends Jacqueline and Bethany were given up for adoption when we were born and we are all a week apart Bethany just turned 18 and she has not moved out of the orphanage yet she is waiting for me and Jacqueline to turn 18 and we r going to move in to a apartment


14. chapter 14

McKenna pov: I woke up with Niall's arms wrapped around me. I turned over so I was facing him. He is so cute when he is sleeping. I snuggled up to him and put my head on his chest. I heard him say " morning my princess." I said " morning my prince." I sat up and said " where is everybody?" Niall looked at me and said "they all spent the night at a hotel and they are coming by soon." I nodded and asked " when can I leave?" He said " today I think." Niall got up and went to the bathroom. The door opens and Harry, Louis, Liam, Zayn, Luke, cal, Mikey, Jacqueline, Bethany, and two other People walked in. The two people walked up to me and said "McKenna honey we are so glad you are ok." Then it clicked those people are my parents. I said " Mom, Dad?" They said " yes." I hugged them. I got up and and singed the papers at the desk and went outside to Niall's car. I got in and he held my hand and said " we leave for tour in two days." I said " I'm so excited." I saw him smiled. skip the car ride

Me and Niall walked in to the house and up to our room. I saw the blood stains on the floor and the bed. I sat down and said " I'm so sorry Niall." He said " it's ok McKenna." He came up to me and kissed me. Then he said " I need to go some were I'll be back in an hour." Then he left. Niall pov: I got in my car and went to ****** ******( a/n sorry it will be like this for a while because well it's a surprise 😜) I walked in and somebody asked me " do you need any help sir?" I said " yes I am looking for a ********* ****." The man showed me over to the ********** *****. I said " that one is prefect." The man picked up the ******* **** and showed it to me. It was so beautiful. I payed for it and the man put it in a bag and handed it to me. When I got home I walked to Harry's room. I walked in and said " I am so nervous." Then he asked " Niall why are you nervous ?" Then I walked over to him and whispered " I-I'm going to ask McKenna to **********." Then Harry said " she won't reheat you Niall she loves you." I calmed down. PLEASE READ

A/n sorry I know a lot of people do not read authors notes but this chapter is very secretive don't worry you will find out soon. Bye ~ McKenna

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