Finding love

Hi I'm McKenna I'm 17 I live in Ireland and I am a orphan me and my two best friends Jacqueline and Bethany were given up for adoption when we were born and we are all a week apart Bethany just turned 18 and she has not moved out of the orphanage yet she is waiting for me and Jacqueline to turn 18 and we r going to move in to a apartment


13. chapter 13

Dear Harry

Harry I love you. You are the best brother I could ever have but I can't take it. I need Niall and since I don't have him there is nothing to live for. So I'm sorry but this is goodbye. Tell Niall that I love him and this is not his fault I started this mess and now I'm finishing it. And look out for Bethany and Jacqueline. Bye Harry I love you. Love McKenna

Dear Niall

Hey Niall. I'm so sorry for not telling you I know I hurt you but a life with out you is not worth living so I'm not going to live my life anymore. Don't ever blame yourself for my actions it's my choice I was the one who hurt you. Eat some nandos for me. And I will always love you Niall. Good bye my love. Love McKenna.

Dear Luke

Luke thank you for every thing you did but I can't take it not having Niall. So this is goodbye. I know Harry Niall Bethany Jacqueline and you will take this very hard so please look after everyone. I love you bff. Goodbye. Love McKenna

Dear Jacqueline

Hey j I know you will miss me but don't. You have Calum he is the best I hope you two have a great life together and keep safe. I love you j. Goodbye bff. Love McKenna

Dear Bethany

Hey b um well I'm sorry but I have to go but look after Harry and everybody. I love you and keep safe and have fun on tour. And I hope you and Harry get marred and have lots of kids. Goodbye bff. Love McKenna.

Dear Calum

Hey cal. Look after my girls and do not hurt Jacqueline. And have a good life and have fun. And look after Luke I know he will breakdown bad. Goodbye my good friend. Love McKenna

Dear mikey

Hey buddy. Look after everyone and dye your hair green agin it looks good on you. Keep safe and have a wonderful life. Goodbye mikey. Love McKenna

Dear ash

Ash you were a great friend and you always helped me so have a good life and have fun. Goodbye ash. Love McKenna

Dear Louis

Hey Lou. Have a great life and tell El that she was a great friend. Please look after yourself and El. Have fun on tour and I hope you guys have lots more tours. Goodbye my good friend. Love McKenna

Dear Liam

Hey daddy direction. Liam you were a good friend you were like a second brother to me. I hope you and Sophia have a wonderful life. Goodbye Liam. Love McKenna

Dear Zayn

Hey DJ Malik. Zayn look after Bethany Niall and Harry I know they will break down but don't let me stand in the way of one direction. I know everyone will want to probably stop and delay the tour but don't don't delay it for me. Have a great life with parrie and tell her what a great friend she was. Goodbye Zayn. Love McKenna

McKenna pov: after I was done writing I walked into the bed room trying not to wake Luke up. I sat the papers on the bed. I went into the bathroom and locked the door. I grabbed a blade and started slitting my wrists until everything went black. Luke pov: I woke up to a thud. I got up and saw papers. I picked up the one with my name on it and read it.

Dear Luke

Luke thank you for every thing you did but I can't take it not having Niall. So this is goodbye. I know Harry Niall Bethany Jacqueline and you will take this very hard so please look after everyone. I love you bff. Goodbye. Love McKenna

I ran to the bathroom and tried to open the door but it was locked so I busted the door down and saw McKenna's lifeless body laying there. I picked her up and called 911 and they said that an ambulance would be 15 minus so I decided to drive her to the hospital. While I was driving I called Harry and he did not pick up so I called Niall and he did not pick up so I tried Jacqueline and she did not pick up so I called Calum and he picked up.

L= Luke C=Calum

L " Calum where are you?"

C " I'm with Harry and Niall at there house and Niall seems upset but he won't tell us what is wrong."

L " Get everybody to the hospital now."

C " why"

L " McKenna tried to kill herself."

C " she what ok we'll be there in a few"

I hung up. Calum pov:

L " get everybody to the hospital now."

C " why"

L " McKenna tried to kill herself."

C " she what ok we'll be there in a few."

After Luke hung up I said " we need to go to he hospital now." Niall and Harry said " ugg why we are playing Fifa can't it wait." I said " NO it can't wait McKenna could die." They jumped up and ran to the car. We drove to the hospital in silence. When we got there Niall jumped out of the car. Me and Harry got out and walked into the hospital Luke pov: I picked McKenna up and got her out of my car and rushed her into the hospital. Some nurses came up to me with a stretcher and I sat her down and they asked " what is her name?" I said "McKenna styles." And with that they left leaving me in he waiting room. I saw Harry cal and Niall run in. The came up to me and all said at the same time "is she ok?" I said " I don't know the doctors haven't told me anything yet." We all sat down in the waiting room and I handed them the letters that she wrote for them.after Niall read his I saw Him curl up into a ball and start crying. I looked at my hands and saw water on them. I was crying and I did not know that I was. I looked at Harry and he was a mess. And cal was trying to reach everyone. I saw Jacqueline, Bethany, Louis. Liam, Zayn, ash, and mikey come through the door crying. I handed the the letters she wrote them and they all started crying. Harry pov: I realised that she hasn't meet our parents yet but I still need to call them it's their daughter. I called my mum.

H=Harry M=Mum

M " Harry Hun how are you?"

H " mom you need to come to the hospital now."

M "why are you ok?"

H " mom I'm fine just come now."

When my mom and dad walked through the door I ran up to them and hugged them And said " why did you give her up?" My mom looked at me with a confused look and then she said "Harry what are you talking about?" But I knew that she knew what I was talking about. I said "my sister why did you give up McKenna." She looked at me and said "Harry we had to we were to overwhelmed with raising you we barley had enough money and we though she would have a better life." I said " a better life she would of had a better life with us. She got bulled because she did not have a mom and dad she got beat by her now ex boyfriend and she cuts her wrists and today she tried to kill herself." She looked at me with wide eyes and started crying . We sat down and I saw for the first time ever my dad started to cry. A few moments later a doctor started walking towards us with a sad expression on his face and I started crying agin but then he walked past us and to another family. Then another doctor came out and said " the family of McKenna styles." Me my mom and my dad jot up and walked over to him. The doc said " she is alive but she almost died. She is not awake yet but she is doing well for now. We will run some test when she wakes up." I asked " when can we see her?" He said " she can have visitors now just try to keep quite she needs her rest." And with that he left. I walked over to everybody and they looked up at me and said " is she ok." I nodded and said " we can go and see her now if you want." They both nodded and we walked to her room. Luke, Calum, ash, mikey, Liam, Louis, Zayn, my mom, and my dad went in but Niall stopped and so did I. I asked him " what's wrong you have been saying 'I need to see her' but now you won't go in why?" Then he said " I am nervous I am the one who caused her to do this I know she said not to blame myself but I am the reason she did this I overreacted and hurt my princess." He started crying and I hugged him. I said "Niall go in there. You need to see her. When She wakes up if you are beside her she will be ok. She loves you a lot." He nodded and we walked in. Niall pov: when I walked in I saw McKenna laying snoring lightly like always. I walked up to her and sat down in a chair next to her and kissed her forehead. A few minuets later her eyes started to flutter open and she looked at me and said " I know you hate me but I don't I love you and I just couldn't live with the fact that I hurt you Niall." I said " McKenna I overreacted I'm so sorry and I do not hate you I love you." At that point everybody left saying "well we'll leave you to alone." She looked at me and said " I shouldn't of done that I'm sorry I hope you guys did not delay the tour or anything because I still want to go." I looked at her and said "no we did not because we knew that you would pull through you always do." She smiled and I couldn't help myself I crashed my lips onto hers. She smiled against my lips. I stood up not breaking the kiss and climbed into the small hospital bed with her. When we finally broke the kiss she wrapped her arms around me and put her head on my chest and fell asleep.

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