Finding love

Hi I'm McKenna I'm 17 I live in Ireland and I am a orphan me and my two best friends Jacqueline and Bethany were given up for adoption when we were born and we are all a week apart Bethany just turned 18 and she has not moved out of the orphanage yet she is waiting for me and Jacqueline to turn 18 and we r going to move in to a apartment


12. chapter 12

Niall pov: I drove McKenna to the dance supply place and she got her stuff. When we got home Harry pulled me into the living room and said "Niall we are going on tour in a 2 months. What are we going to do with McKenna, Jacqueline, and Bethany we can leave them here and the have dance school so we can't take them." I had no clue what to do. I said "they can chose if they want to board at the school while we are tour or come on tour with us. It's their choice." I had to tell McKenna and Jacqueline but I did not know how. I went up to me and McKenna's room and she was sitting on the bed. I sat down next to her and looked into her eyes. McKenna pov: the second Niall looked into my eyes I knew something was wrong. He said "McKenna we are going on tour in 2 months you and the girls can stay at the school or you guys can come on tour with us." I said " Niall I know what I'm doing I'm going to school" I stopped and he looked sad " for 2 months then I'm going on tour with one direction the best band on the planet." He looked up at me and smiled. Then I said "what about Jacqueline and Bethany. And is 5sos going with you or what?" Niall said "I don't know about Jacqueline and Bethany and yes 5sos is come on tour with us." Harry pov: I knocked on Bethany's door. When she opened it she gave me a hug and pulled me inside. I looked at her and blurted out "we are going to tour in 2 months and you have the choice of staying here and going with us." She looked at me and said "Harry I will go to school for the 2 months your here and then I'm going with you." I smiled and kissed her. She pulled away and said " do you guys need like backup dancers or anything?" I said " I will ask." Calum pov: I walked over to Jacqueline's room and knocked on the door she oped up the door and said "hey cal." I hugged her tightly. And she said "cal what's wrong?" I looked at her and said " I'm going on tour with all of the boys and you have school and you need to stay and-" I trailed off. She said "cal you are way more important than dance school I'm going with you." *~* time skip to start of school*~* McKenna pov: me, Jacqueline, and Bethany walked in the doors of the school. I walked into the studio. I walked over to some guy and asked " um excuse me is this studio 3?" The boy turned around and saw that it was Ross. Before he saw my face I ran behind my friends. The teacher walked in and gave us partners I got a boy my age called Christian. Jacqueline got a boy our age named Danny. Bethany got Ross. Class was good up until Ross came over to me. He grabbed my wrist and I flinched. ( sorry I forgot to say she was abused by Ross when they were together and nobody knows that he abused her) I pulled my wrist away and ran. When I got home nobody was here. There was a pounding at the front door and I opened it and Ross was there. He grabbed my waist and pushed me against a wall and punched me in the gut. He said "never walk away for me." And he left. I pulled my shirt up and saw a huge bruise on my stomach. I started freaking out because nobody could know what Ross did because he will hurt anybody who tries to stop him. I walked up to my room and put my head phones in and blasted music from them and started to cry. I went to the bathroom and grabbed my blade and started cutting. Luke pov: I went out for food and when i got back i heard crying. I ran up to McKenna's room and saw her laying on the blood soaked bed crying. I went over to her and saw her headphones in so I took them out and she looked at me and ran out of the room. I ran after her and I grabbed her arm and she spun around so she was facing me. She tried to get out of my grip but she couldn't. I picked her up and through her over my shoulder and she kept hitting my back and saying " put me down Luke put me down now." I did not out her down until we got back to her room and we walked in and I put her on her bed and locked the door so she had no place to run. I went over to her and asked " what happened McKenna." She looked at me and said " um R-Ross h-he u-used to h-hit me and well I found out that he was in ballet class and he came over to me and tried to talk to and I just walked away and he came over here and pounded on the door and I opened it and he pushed me against the wall and punched me in the stomach and left." I looked at her and wrapped her wrists and then I looked at her stomach. She said "nobody can know even Niall. He will try to go get Ross but Ross will kill him he almost killed somebody that i told." The she said "I need to get out of here until the bruise goes away I need to leave for awhile." She started packing her bags and I said "then I'm going with you. You can't go alone. And don't worry I won't tell anyone where we are and that you are with me." She nodded and then picked up her phone and I guess called Niall. McKenna pov: I called Niall.

N=Niall M=McKenna

N "hello"

M " hey Niall um I'm just calling to tell you that I am going on a trip for a little I will be back in a week or two I love you I got to go bye."

I hung up and walked out of the door. Luke pov: I called Calum and told him that I was going to Australia to see my mom and that it would be a few weeks before I came back. McKenna pov: I told Luke were to go and we arrived at my friends beach house She let me use it since she never did. I got out my key and unlocked the door. We walked in and I ordered pizza. Niall pov: when me and the boys got home, I was kind of sad the McKenna had to go on a trip. I went up to me and McKenna's room and turned on the Light. When I walked over to the bed I saw a blade covers in blood and the comforter had blood on it to. I screamed and Harry ran up here and saw what I was looking at. I said "we need to find her now and I think I know where she will go." I ran out of the door with Harry behind me and got in my car. McKenna pov: me and Luke ate the pizza and I went into the bedroom and changed and the walked out and Luke was in his pjs to and I said "you can sleep in the bed with me the couch I very uncomfortable." He nodded and we went to the bed room and I laid down on one side and he load down on the other and we fell asleep. Niall pov: we reached McKenna's friends beach house. We used to come here a lot. I walked up to the door and looked around until I saw McKenna in bed with Luke I ran to the couch and started crying. McKenna pov: I heard crying so I got up and into the livening room and saw Niall crying and Harry sitting next to him. I walked over and said "Niall" I hugged him and he pushed me off and I looked at him and he said "why am I not enough for you?" I did not know what he was talking about. I said "Niall what are you talking about, oh , Niall I'm not cheating on you I just well I'm trying to protect you." He looked at me and said " protect me how is running away with Luke protecting me.i lifted up my shirt and pointed to the brusie and said " if I told you abut this you would have gone after Ross and tried to kill him but the problem is he would kill you Niall he almost killed the last person who tried to protect me." Then he said " so you don't trust me to protect you well you know what we are done I'm done with you." He grabbed Harry's wrist and stormed out. I grabbed a few pieces of paper and a pen and stared writing letters.

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