Midnight horror

A group of three friends are invitied to stay over at Gemmas house for a sleepover whilst her parents go out to visit her mums eldest sister. They later on decide to try out the terrifying midnight man game, big mistake!


2. Truth and Dare game

Gemma decided to put glitterly purple eye shadow whilst sitting at her dressing room table. Suddenly the house doorbell rang twice. Racing downstairs she opened the door to both of her friends. "Hi, hope you are both well". Both of her friends looked absolutely fabulous. They both wore a sparkly midnight blue long length dress and matching high heeled shoes. "Glad I can take off my shoes, they are killing my feet". Gemma walked her friends through their hallway and down on the left to their living room. Their living room was like something out of an art gallery, there was just so many pictures on the wall. The Osment family was greatly into art. Her sister Molly was going to be taking an art degree at the Essex university. They all debated what party games they would play during their sleepover. The scarier the game the better they all said. Lisa her best friend, suddenly said "Lets play the midnight game, it will be fun". She told us briefly about the scary midnight game and how two of her class peers attempted to play the game a while ago and had super scary results. So they first got a piece of paper and a black pen and wrote their names down and pricked their fingers with a needle. They waited until it was midnight and then lit out a few candles with some spare matches. They knocked on the door 12 times as the ritual said and then closed the door. For a few minutes nothing seemed to happen just complete silence. Then I swear we saw a really scary silhoutte slowly walking into the kitchen. I felt my whole body froze. I couldnt breathe. My black cat Poppy suddenly just ran out of the kitchen upstairs on to the landing. So first we walked everywhere around the house downstairs with our target of keeping the candle lit and avoiding the black silhoutte of the midnight man. All of a sudden we heard a big crash coming from the bathroom. We almost felt like giving up on the game it was so scary. But we had to carry on until 3 o clock in the morning without getting caught by the midnight man. For one scary moment I felt a deep cold breath breathing onto me and let out a shriek. "Lets go up to your attic bedroom" Lisa suggested. So we did as we told. And we built a salt ring around us and stayed in it until the game was over. This was like feeling like a nightmare to us.

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