Midnight horror

A group of three friends are invitied to stay over at Gemmas house for a sleepover whilst her parents go out to visit her mums eldest sister. They later on decide to try out the terrifying midnight man game, big mistake!


1. Being home alone

Gemma had just come back from an afternoon school club in tennis. She absolutely loved playing tennis. It was her most favourite sport of all time since she was little. Her dad, who was a part time tennis coach teacher taught her how to play tennis. Being so brilliant in tennis she would always beat the class and come first place in tennis competitions. Thanks to her dad who she was greatly proud of. She spent most of Saturday afternoons playing tennis matches with her friends for many hours at the Shrewsbury quarrys field. Her own dad looked like a famous tennis player himself. Tall, broad and highly alert and energetic. Gemma was now 14, the youngest daughter of the Osment family, always knew what career path she would be taking when she was older. When both her family and teacher would ask what she wanted to do when she grew up she would always say "a tennis player". Today was forecasted to be the warmest day in the year on record so far. The temperature by early afternoon soared up to 29 degrees celsius. Gemma was not terribly fond of the heat and came home all sweaty and exhausted. One great advantage of the summer she thought is watching the Olympics tennis games on television. Her eldest sister Molly was not too fond of tennis and always wanted to watch swimming instead to her dismay. It was now turning 4 o clock in the afternoon and the grandfather clock on the living room wall suddenly let out a chime. She was at home alone for once. It guility felt like a great relief to her. No arguements with her older sister or parents. Not that it happened often in the Osment family. The Osment family were a kind, fun and laid back family. Her parents had driven off to visit her mums eldest sister`s house until late. And her elder sister Molly who was 18 was staying over at a friends house. Her and her parents had arranged a sleepover for two of her best friends Lisa and Rose. They were due to be arriving at her house in just 30 minutes. She still had some time to tidy her house and get dressed into her best clothes. Suddenly she ran upstairs up to get a shower and get changed into her purple glitterly blouse, lended from her sister when she was having a clothes clear out last month to prepare for university in the autumn. Along with a matching bright purple jeans bought from River Island for her last birthday.

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