Midnight horror

A group of three friends are invitied to stay over at Gemmas house for a sleepover whilst her parents go out to visit her mums eldest sister. They later on decide to try out the terrifying midnight man game, big mistake!


3. After our dare game

It was finally 3 o clock in the morning and we switched on all the lights. We were feeling really tired at this point but Lisa suggested we have a small midnight snack to help calm us a little after the game. So we had our favourite chocolate maltesers and chocolate creamy milkshakes. My parents came back and wondered why we werent in bed yet being late. But we wouldnt tell them about our truth and dare game. My mum was saying that her sister Sara was willing to start Gemma on her tennis course. Gemma was really thrilled.

We chatted joyfully until around 4 o clock in the morning about typical teenage things including designer clothes and  our GCSE subject options and  vowed that we wouldnt play the midnight man game again. Funnily the next day it felt like we never played the midnight man game. My friends left at around 10.30 in the morning and we planned to meet up at the shopping mall. To have a great time out together. It was the best sleepover Gemma thought.

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