Remember Me?

It's been four years since she's seen him. He didn't even bother calling her, or atleast that's what she thought.


1. Faded Scars

I have never liked my past. It was a terrible thing to think of. Never to be spoken of according to my friends. Like it would awaken the most evil creature imaginable when spoken of.


It's a hard thing to do. Forgetting memories. Though many of mine are unpleasant, they have shaped me for who I am today. Faded scars of the battles I have fought


"I am fine,

'I am broken inside'"


"Go away,

'do you care enough to stay'"


Though I have tried forgetting them. Plugging up holes in front of unpleasant memories. It is hard. Though many people do not understand why. But I did this all to protect myself from scrutiny. Digging deeper everday to find some granite slab of truth upon which my unborn children can firmly stand.


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