One More Chance

Something Split Angelina and Lane up. Who knows what? Maybe they weren't meant to be with each other or maybe they were in love at the wrong time.

What happens when she meets Lane again in another lifetime? Will she fall in love with him? Or will everything go wrong?

P.s. It's also on Wattpad at 'Divergent-Queen98'


5. Ch.5

“Angie. Angie?” 


  I opened my eyes to see a smiling Kelly in front of me. “Hmm?”


  “Aiden is here.”


  “Thank you for picking him up.” I rubbed my eyes.


  She smiled. “No problem.”


  Aiden ran up to me and hugged me. “Are we going to the movies?” He asked. 


  “Of course.” I smiled. “I just need to go get my keys.”


  I was about to get my keys, but the phone started ringing.


  I groaned. 


  I answered the phone. Someone started talking on the other line before I said anything. “I want to talk to my sister,” came the grumpy voice.


  “And who is that?” I asked.






  I held the phone away to tell Kelly, but, I decided against it. After all, Kelly helped me a lot today.


  I brought the phone back to my ear. “kelly isn’t here.”


  Kelly was about to speak, but, I shook my head to silence her.


  “I know she’s there! Don’t play dumb with me!”


  “Trisha, I’m not. I’m about to go to the theatre with my cousin. So, if you excuse me.” 


  “No, you better not hang up on me! I’m not fini-”


  I hung up before she got to finish her sentence.


  “Who was that?” Asked Kelly.




  “You’re such a true friend, Gina.” 





Me, Kelly, and Aiden went to the movies to see Guardians of the galaxy. 


  When the movie started, I saw a group of guys walk in. Only one caught my attention. Lane.


  I know he didn’t see me yet.


  They all sat in front of us. Lane sat in front of Kelly. 


  “Psst. Psst.” 


  “What Kelly?” I whispered to her.


  She was on the other side of Aiden. “These are the creepy guys I was talking about,” she whispered back (or tried too).



During the funny parts of the movie, Kelly would laugh the loudest. 


  One moment she accidentally kicked Lane’s seat. When Lane was about to turn around, she spilt popcorn all over his head. That’s when I laughed the loudest.


  That’s when he noticed me.


  He turned around and faced me with a grin. 


  When the movie ended, Lane dusted the popcorn off his head and walked over to us. “Hey, Angie.” He smiled.


  “Hey.” I stared in his eyes a little longer than what was necessary. “Um, this is Aiden.” I pointed at Aiden. “And this is Kelly.” I pointed at Kelly who gave a small wave.


  “Oh you’re the same girl that spilt popcorn all over me.”


  Kelly blushed. “Sorry.”


  “No problem.” He bent over to talk to Aiden. “And you’re probably the guy Angelina has been talking so much about. How did you like the movie?”


  “It was good,” says Aiden. He grinned.


  “Well, my name is Lane. You must be Aiden.” Lane offered his hand for Aiden to shake.


  Aiden shook his hand. 


  Kelly kind of nudged me on the shoulder, that’s when I realized I was staring adoringly at Lane.


  Kelly whispered in my ear, “Angie, I’m sorry, but, I don’t feel comfortable around Lane’s friends.”


  I looked over to where Lane’s friends were and they were ordering more popcorn. 


  I shrugged. “I don’t see a reason to be afraid of them,” I whispered back.


  Lane said one last thing to Aiden and stood up straight. Lane smiled. “I’ll see you later, Angelina.” He then turned to his friends. “Guys!”


  They turned around. The tall one with the dirty-blonde hair, snacked on the popcorn, obviously he wasn’t sharing with anyone else.


  The one a little bit shorter than the other, started to tackle him to get the popcorn. He had black hair and freckles on his nose. “C’mon man we’ve been friends since the third grade!”


  “I never liked you,” said the tall guy, even though he looked like he was joking.


  I let out a giggle. “Yea, a total threat.”


  Kelly rolled her eyes.



Kelly been quiet the rest of the way home.


  “Are you okay, Kelly?” Asked Aiden.


  Kelly smiled. “I’m fine, Aiden. Thank you.” She bent down, and kissed him on the cheek.


  Aiden blushed.


  Kelly is a really pretty girl, with her blonde hair and vivid blue eyes. Of course Aiden would blush.


  I have to admit, that’s a cute sight to see Aiden blush.


  I smiled. “Can I talk to you in a kitchen for a minute? Please, Kelly?


  She pouted. “Yea, sure.”


  When we got in the kitchen, she sat down at the table.


  “What’s going on with you? Look. I’m sorry, from the way I was acting. I didn’t know you were going to get this upset. So, if you were getting a weird vibe from those guys I would like you to tell me. Okay?”


  She nodded. “I’m the one that should say sorry. And yea. There was something fishy about them. I don’t know what it is, exactly. They act like normal guys. But it’s just...” She turned her head.


  “What is it?” I asked.


  “At the store, I saw the same guys. I don’t... I don’t think Lane was with them. They were talking quietly. I didn’t think of anything about it at first. But then they were talking about murdering someone, like it’s just some type of game.”


  “Maybe they were talking about a video game?”


  “I don’t think so.”


  I don’t know what it is, that Kelly is talking about. All I can do, is thank God that Lane wasn’t with them. For some reason, I didn’t want Kelly to have an same opinion about him, as the other guys.


  I smiled. “Hey, cheer up. It’s okay.”


  I have a feeling this is not the only thing that went on at the store.


  She smiled. “Yea. Instead of that. It was a nice night.”


  This is what I love about, Kelly. She’s sweet, even when she doesn't want to be.


  “Yea. It was.”


  “Do you like Lane?”


  “Um, I don’t know yet. Yea, maybe.”


  “He’s nice. He’ll be good for you. Except...the people he hangs out with. You promise to be careful?”


  I smiled, and nodded. “I’ll be fine.”





Aiden stayed the night tonight. He slept in the extra bedroom.


  I smiled and turned the lamp off. I let sleep take me.


  I held his hand as we walked across the field to my house. I smiled sadly at him. “Lane. You’ve been acting distant. What’s going on? Are you okay?”


  Lane faced me with a genuine smile. “Yes, my love.” He brought my hand up to his lips. “As long as I’m with you...” He faced me with a dazzling smile. “Nothing could be better.”


  I didn’t let that faze me. “Lane. I know something is wrong. You can tell me anything. I lo-”


 He stopped me by putting both of his hands on my shoulders. “Don’t. Please.”


“Why? It’s true. Don’t you love me too?”


His smile fell. He placed his hand on top of mine. 


I could feel my eyes tearing up. He didn’t love me back.


“No. I don’t, Angelina.”


I looked down, and tried not to think about how much that hurt me.


“No. I don’t love you. That’s so much of an understatement... I’m... I’m in love with you... From the deepest part of my heart. I’m in love with you. You took my heart, Angelina.”   


 I smiled as tears formed in my eyes. “I’m in love with you too. I can’t bear to be without you. If there was a life after this, we would be together, mi amor.”


  He smiled, and chuckled. “What does that mean?”


  I smiled, lovingly at him. “My love. It means, ‘my love.’”


  He smiled and wrapped his arms around me. “Well, mi amor?”




  “I don’t know. I just wanted to say that.”


  I laughed, and jokingly pushed him on the shoulder.



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