One More Chance

Something Split Angelina and Lane up. Who knows what? Maybe they weren't meant to be with each other or maybe they were in love at the wrong time.

What happens when she meets Lane again in another lifetime? Will she fall in love with him? Or will everything go wrong?

P.s. It's also on Wattpad at 'Divergent-Queen98'


4. Ch.4

The next day I was extremely tired. A couple of mothers I knew dropped off their kids at my house for day-care.


  I was only taking care of three of them today. 


  There’s a little boy named Brandon. He’s three. I’m going to be honest and say he’s not my favorite child to take care of. He’s super cute...but looks can be deceiving. 


  There is also, two little twin girls I take care of. They’re both really sweet (well one). They’re four, and they both have beautiful red hair. Casey and Clara are their names.


  “Casey, sweetie. Why are you crying?”


  “Brandon pushed me.” She crossed her arms and continued crying.


  “Aw, it’s ok. He’s a jerk, ok?” I brought her close and hugged her. “Do you know what we do to jerks?” I whispered in her ear. She shook her head and wiped some of her tears. She faced me with a tear struck-face. “We take up for ourselves. We show them we can be jerks too.” Ok, maybe that wasn’t the best advice to give to a four year old. “He’s younger than you sweetie. If he pushes you, and you fall. Get back up. Dust it off, and show him you’re strong.” Ok, that’s a little better.


  She nodded, and smiled. I saw another red head coming closer. “Ok, there’s your sister.”


  She ran off before I could say anything else. 


  I saw a cute little blonde, with piercing blue eyes run up to me. “Gah! Brandon! You’re in so much trouble!”


  When he heard that, he started running as fast as his little legs could take him, away from me.


  “Bran-” I started to chase after him, but, the phone rang.




  I ran to the phone and answered it. “Hello?”


  “Hey!” Squeaked Kelly on the other line. “What are you doing?”


  “Taking care of kids.” I groaned.


  “Oh...your job. Do you need help?”


  “Thanks, but, it’s my job. I need to handle it as much as possible.”


  “Okay. I’ll still be there soon, though.” She assured me.


  “Okay. Thanks. See ya.” 


  I hung up and decided to search for Brandon.



I looked into my arms and smiled when I saw Brandon fell asleep.


  Soon Kelly walked in carrying loads of bags.


  “You will never guess who I saw at the store!”


  “Shh.” Brandon stirred in his sleep.


  “Sorry,” she whispered.


  “It’s fine. Who did you see?”


  “Oh, um. Some guys. I don’t know them or anything.” She placed the bags on the table. She started to pull out some clothes from the bags as she continued talking. “They just looked extremely creepy.” She shrugged.


  “Just looked creepy, huh?”


  She nodded. 


  “How did they look creepy?”


   She shrugged and searched the fridge. “It was the vibe I was getting from them. You would know what I mean if you saw them.”


  I just kind of nodded. 


  I learned to just agree with everything Kelly said. As long as you go with it, it won’t get any weirder. 


  “Oh, I met a guy there too,” she said with a smile.


  I rose an eyebrow. “Oh?”


  She blushed. “I didn’t meet him or anything. I just saw him. He was singing. He could sing really good.”


  “All this happened in the store today?”


  “Yea. Strange, isn’t it?”


  “Very,” I muttered.


  I checked on Brandon and he is still sound asleep in my arms. 


  I smiled, but, my smile soon dropped when I heard a scream that sounded a lot like one of the twins.


  “Can you take him? I’m going to check that out.”

  “Of course,” said Kelly.


  I handed him to her without a second thought.


  I started to run upstairs, but then I paused and turned around. “Don’t drop him.”



When I got upstairs, Clara was holding scissors while Casey was screaming and crying.  “Hey, what’s going on?” I asked.


  Clara dropped the scissors when she saw me coming in. 


  “Clara why was you holding scissors?”


  “Because, Casey looks just like me!”


   Oh no.


   “And?” I asked.


   “And it’s not fair! I wanted to give her a hair cut!”


   I bit my lip to stop myself from laughing. I bent down. “Casey, come here sweetie.” She walked over to me slowly. “She’s not going to touch your hair, okay?”


  She nodded.


  Clara was always the mean one, whereas, Casey is a little sensitive.


  “And you.” I turned to Clara with a pointed look. “You are not going to cut her hair, okay? You two are suppose to look alike. That’s what ‘Identical twins’ mean. Cutting her hair is not going to make a difference. You two are still going to look alike. Casey might even look prettier then you, if you cut her hair short. Do you want that?”


  Clara just shook her head.


  “That’s what I thought.”


  I was about to walk out until I heard Clara speak. “Maybe I will cut my hair.”


  I turned around and picked up the scissors. “I will take these.” Their mom will have a fit if she found out one of her baby’s beautiful hair is cut.



When I walked downstairs, I half expected I would see Kelly holding Brandon upside down or something. But for my ultimate surprise she was balancing him on her hip while singing to him. 


  “You seem to be good at this.”


  “Yea, and you said I was bad with kids.”


  “Apparently, only with Aiden. Can’t wait until I get to take care of the kid tonight.”


  “You always like spending time with him.” She smiled, and looked down at Brandon. “Wouldn’t it be nice to have kids?”


  “Yea. I guess it would b-” I paused. I placed a hand on my forehead.


   He didn’t know. He left me and he didn’t know. I looked down and rubbed my stomach. “I will take care of you, baby. As much as I possibly can. I will take care of you, Aid-”


  “Angie? Angelina, are you okay?”


  I snapped out of my daydream (at least I think that’s what it was). “Yea.” I smiled at her. “Yea, I’m okay.”


  “Are you sure?” She looked concern. “You look sick. I can take care of them, if you want me too. I really don’t mind. It’s the least I could do for letting me stay here.”


  I smiled at my friend’s offer. “I appreciate it, but, I’m fine.”






  “I’m worried about you. You seem to zone out a lot.I thought you stopped a few months ago. 


  I smiled at her. “I’m fine.” 


  A few months ago, I would have these daydreams, or visions. I was never sure what they were. 


  I thought they went away.


Their moms went to pick them up. It’s about time. I’m tired. Now, I have to pick Aiden up in a few minutes.


  I collapsed on the couch.




  “Yes?” She walked out of the kitchen.


  “Can you do me a favor?”




   “Can you pick Aiden up?”


   She grinned. “Of course! I will right now!”


   “Thank you Kelly!”


    Once she left, I thought about the vision I had. I hate when that happens. I get dizzy, and my head starts pounding.


   I know I probably need to get that checked out, but, I’m stubborn.


   It doesn't matter. Once Aiden gets here, he will take my mind off of everything that’s been happening. Yes, Aiden will be able to help me. 


  I just wish I could take a long break. I’m just really tired. 


  I closed my eyes. Before I could think about anything else I started falling into a deep sleep.


  Another dream. 


  Another bad dream.


  Suddenly someone tried to wake me.

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