One More Chance

Something Split Angelina and Lane up. Who knows what? Maybe they weren't meant to be with each other or maybe they were in love at the wrong time.

What happens when she meets Lane again in another lifetime? Will she fall in love with him? Or will everything go wrong?

P.s. It's also on Wattpad at 'Divergent-Queen98'


3. Ch.3

“Volver!” I screamed out my lungs for him to come back, but, he was already gone.


  Tears poured down my face and I didn’t even try to stop them. 




  I woke up kicking my covers. I do that about every night and it’s starting to freak me out. Obviously, I’m having a bad dream, but, I never remember them. They always seem to slip away from me whenever I wake up.


  I placed a hand on my forehead and yawned. I grabbed my phone to check the time. I saw a missed call from Lane. I smiled.


  I called him earlier today and told him I couldn’t make it for a date tomorrow, because I had work. Even though I already told him, he doesn't seem to leave me alone. I found my other annoying fly. He would be perfect for Kelly!


  I checked the time, to see it’s 2:00 in the morning. He called me at 1:50...


  “Really?” I asked myself. I sat up and stretched. I slipped my slippers on and called him.


  After a couple of rings there was a tired voice on the other line. “Yea?” he asked.


  “Um, it’s Angelina. You called me and I can’t get any sleep. So...”


  There was a pause. “Alright, love.” His british voice rang as clear as day. “Let’s go on a date!” I was surprised at how cheery he was this early in the morning. 


  “Chico Impar,” I muttered to myself. Although, Lane heard me.


  “I really would love if you stop calling me an odd guy.”


  “Sorry.” I’m surprised he remember what it meant.


  He chuckled.


 “And a date? I don’t remember agreeing to that.”


  There was another pause and finally after a minute he spoke, “sweetheart, you gave me your number and you called me at 2:00 in the morning.”


  “Only because, you called me at 1:50.” I muttered.


  “Well, meet me outside of Starbucks. See you then.” He hung up.


  I stared down at my phone and finally realized something. “Wait, he gave me his number.”


  I shook my head and I finally forced myself out of bed.



I drove to Starbucks. When I got there I finally realized how stupid this is. 


  I’m meeting a guy at 2:00 in the morning. Not just any guy. A guy I met two days ago. A stranger.


  Some reason I’m not afraid, though. Something about Lane. Something about him feels so familiar. Even though I’m quiet sure, I’ve never met a guy like him before.


  I finally got out of the car and walked over to the figure leaning against the wall.


  “Lane,” I greeted. 


  “Angelina,” He greeted back. He nodded to a car. “I’m going to take you somewhere.”

  He started walking to his car. When he realized I wasn’t following him, he turned around. 


  I scratched the back of my head awkwardly. “Um, how do I know your not a murderer?”


  He searched my face and all of the sudden he burst into fits of laughter. “How do I know your not?”


 Instead of feeling embarrassed of what I asked, I felt a sudden warmth fill me. I smiled and followed him to his car. 



  “Rock or Pop?” He asked.




  “Night or Day?”




  “Boy band or Rock band?”


  “Rock band.”


  “Sports or movies?”





  He chuckled.


  “What?” I asked almost offensive. “No one would pick sports over movies. That’s just not right!”


  He chuckled again and held up his coke can. “I honestly would pick sports over movies.”




  “Last name?”


  “Carter. You?”




  We’re sitting close to a lake. I’ve never seen it before. Lane discovered it. He said, he was just taking a ride one day and he spotted this place. It’s beautiful. 


  “Yes, actually. I’m not really a movie person. I prefer books.”


  I smiled. “A guy that likes to read. Wow.”

  “Yea. Reading is my passion.” He looked down and smiled. I caught a small dimple on his face.


  “What’s your favorite book?” I asked.


  “I don’t have a favorite.”


  “What’s your favorite type of book?”


  He thought about this for a few seconds. “Romance.”


  I almost spit out my drink. Now that is a surprise!


  “You know I have never met any guy like you. You’re really straight forward. It’s like you say the first thing that comes to your brain.”


  He smiled. Now I know there’s a dimple there. “Like ‘you’re beautiful’? 






  I frowned. I had people called me Lina before, but, for some reason it felt oddly familiar when he said it. 


  It’s like I heard him say it before...




  He studied my face and looked down. “Um, nothing.” He licked his lips and almost looked sad about something.


  “Hey, are you ok?”


  He smiled. “Yea, of course. Just thinking about what I got myself into.” 


  “What do you me-”


  Before I could ask him what I wanted to ask him, he pulled me on his lap and kissed me. He kissed me!


  At first I didn’t kiss him back. Then it was like something was pushing me forward. I couldn’t stop. I’m kissing Lane Ryder!


  Even though, I barely know him.


  I barely know him! I pulled away.


  “What’s wrong?” He asked.


  “I don’t know you.”


  “I’ll tell you whatever you need to know.” He smiled. 


  “Ok, why did you kiss me?”


  “Because I wanted to.” 


  “Give me a better answer.”


  He kept smiling. His dimples are clearly noticeable.


  He took a hold of my hand and stared deep into my eyes. “Because you’re so beautiful, and I couldn’t help myself. Also, because I like you. I like how you’re serious most of the time. How you act like you don’t like me.” I opened my mouth to respond, but, he continues. “And I know you like me, because, you wouldn’t of kissed me back and you wouldn’t of agreed to this date.” 


  He gently touched my cheek with his finger. His finger slid up and gently grabbed a few strands of my hair. He twisted it around his finger.


  “I also, like your answers to my questions. There is another question I like to ask, though.”




  “Where do you work at?”


  I chuckled. “My home, mostly. I do day-care. I usually take care of my nephew on Fridays, but, I decided to take him for a movie tomorrow night. His parents won’t be home. They decided to go out. So I volunteered to take care of him. He’s spending the night tomorrow night.”

  “What’s his name?” He asked, still playing with my hair.


  “Aiden.” I smiled. “He’s like my little brother.”


  He smiled. “That’s nice. As much as I don’t like it, I need to let you go. It’s getting late. I can take you home.”


  “No, it’s all good. I just need you to take me to my car.”


  “Of course.”



When I got home, I decided to sneak to my room, so, I don’t wake Kelly up.


  I looked at the clock, and almost gasped. It’s already 3:30. Oh well, at least I got this date over with.


  Maybe, I don’t have to see Lane ever again.


  Somehow, that made me a little sad...


  I curled up in bed. I didn’t even feel like changing out of the clothes I was in. I did take off my earrings. 


  I repeated the name Lane Ryder in my head.


  For some reason the name even felt familiar. But I’m sure, I would know if I ever met a guy like that before.


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