One More Chance

Something Split Angelina and Lane up. Who knows what? Maybe they weren't meant to be with each other or maybe they were in love at the wrong time.

What happens when she meets Lane again in another lifetime? Will she fall in love with him? Or will everything go wrong?

P.s. It's also on Wattpad at 'Divergent-Queen98'


2. Ch.2


I tried to open my eyes but, my eyelids felt like they were glued together. Finally, I felt a pull on my arm.


  “Wakey, wakey. Sleeping beauty.”


  “Kelly, get out of my room,” I moaned.


  “Nope. I want to go shopping today.” She plopped herself on my bed and made no sign of movement.


  “Kelly,” I groaned. I placed both of my hands over my eyes and sighed. 


  “I want some new boots.”

  “Christmas already passed,” I peeked at her through my fingers.


   “I know.” She rolled her eyes. “But, I didn’t get my boots.”


   Kelly really knows how to get her way. It was her talent since the day she was born.


   I sighed and sat up. “Why won’t you go yourself?”


   “Because it will be no fun. Now, have you seen my phone?” She stood up to look around.


   I chuckled when I saw her phone in her hand. “I have no idea where it could be,” I replied sarcastically.


   “I’ve been looking for it, for the last thirty minutes.”


   I sat up in bed and stretched. “Try checking your hand, smart one.”


   “Angelina, stop playing around and help me find my phone!”


   What did I do to deserve such an amazing friend?


  I stood up and walked over to her. I took the phone out of her hand. “I said, look in your hand, smart one.”


  She snatched the phone out of my hand. “Sorry, Angie. I think I’m losing my mine.” 


   I chuckled. “No problem. So, why did you wake me up?”


   “I need my boots.”


  “That’s right. So, what was your reason again for waking me up?”


  “Your going with me!” She grabbed my hand and pulled me in my closet. “We’re leaving soon.” She grabbed some clothes and threw it at me. She lead me in the bathroom and pushed me in. “So, hurry up.”


  Like I said, what did I do to deserve such an amazing friend?



“How’s these boots, Angie?” Kelly asked.


  “Pretty,” I glanced at the ugly boots in her hands and shrugged. 


  She looked at them for a few more seconds and put them back where they were. 


  “Can we go now?” I asked hopefully.


   “Angie!” She groaned. 


   I rolled my eyes and chuckled. “Ok, ok.”


   “I want to spend some time with my bae.”


   “I’m not your bae. Why do people use that stupid word anyway?”


   “It’s not stupid. It means ‘before anyone else.’ It’s cute.”


   “It’s not stupid. It just that no one uses the word babe anymore. I don’t like that word either, but that’s not the point.”


  “Well, what is your point, darling? Because, you don’t like much things.”



I walked to starbucks without Kelly. It took me a while to get rid of her. I told her that I wanted to shop on my own for a little while. After some huffing and puffing from her, she finally let me go.


  I sat down to wait on my coffee. I played with my phone for a while and barely heard my name being called.


  I walked up to the counter and almost gasped at who I saw. Lane. I pulled out some money and handed it to him.


 He laughed. “Well, well, well. If it isn’t for the Winn-Dixie girl.”


 “Winn-dixie girl? Really? I have a name.”


 He looked at my cup as like he haven’t just called my name a minute ago. “Angelina?”


 I nodded. I reached for the cup but, he pulled it away.


 “Let me take you out to dinner tomorrow.”


 “I can’t I have work and why would I date a guy that works at starbucks?”


  He leaned in and grinned. “You get free discounts.”


  I tilted my head back and laughed.


  “If that impresses you. I’m also, a bar tender at night.”


  I smiled. “Oh yea. Very impressive.” 


  “What about I take you out some time next week?”


  “Nope. Now give me my coffee.”


  “Say ‘please, Lane,’”


  I sighed. “Please Lane.”


  He handed me my coffee and I went to take my seat.


  I was playing with my phone. Occasionally, I would look up from my phone to see Lane staring at me with a smile on his face. When he was calling people up to get coffee, he still kept an eye on me. When he started wiping the tables, he kept eye contact with me, with a huge grin on his face.


  I chuckled and took a sip of my coffee. 


  After I was done I walked to the trash to throw the cup away. “Aye, Angellina.” I looked up to see Lane running over to me. “I thought you might’ve wanted your money back.” He handed me all the money I paid him. I gave him an disbelief look. “It’s on me. I paid for your coffee. Do I get a date now?”


  I laughed and shook my head. “You never give up. Do you?”


  He leaned in and whispered in my ear, “I once gave up school in the 11th grade.”


  No wonder you work at starbuck’s, I thought, but, I didn’t say it out loud.


  “And that was suppose to impress me?” I asked.


  “I’m great at fights.”


  I turned around. “Ok, now I just think your trying to get me to stay away from you.”


  I was about to walk out the door until I heard someone telling someone else to get off the floor. I turned around to see him on his knees. He spread his arms. “I’m on my knees. Don’t make me beg.”


  I laughed. “Chico Impar,” I muttered.


  “I have no idea what you said, but, I’m going to guess it was something good.”


  “I’ve said you were an odd guy. I have never met anyone like you.”


  “Well, we were made for each other. Because I never had to get on my knees for any other girl.”


  “I bet you hadn’t,” I muttered. “Ok, fine. Just get up. Your embarrassing yourself.”


  It was true everyone in the restaurant were looking over at him. 


  “Embarrassed? I don’t get embarrassed. So, does that mean you will go out with me?”


  I rolled my eyes. “Sure. Why not?”


  “Yes!” He got up and dusted off his pants. He took a notebook out of his pocket and wrote something on it. 


  He handed it to me and a number was wrote down. “Call me, tonight.”


  I rolled my eyes and walked out of the store.


  I was barely paying attention to where I was going. I was staring down at the piece of paper in my hand, thinking what i’ve gotten myself into. 


  I soon regretted not paying attention, because soon my body slammed into someone.


  “Move out of the way!” Screamed a high pitch voice. It was so high that I wanted to put ear plugs in and keep it that way forever.


  I looked up to see a pretty brunette with makeup caked on her face and high heels so high that just one little poke on her shoulder she will be tumbling down.


  “Whatever,” I muttered. I moved a little to the right and she went flying by with a huff. 



“-And I was racing this girl for these boots. I would fight her for them they were so cute! Guess, who won the race?”


  The way her face lit up when she talked, I knew it was her. “You.”




  I rolled my eyes and collapsed on the couch. “I’m sorry, Kelly. But you probably have to learn to get along with your sister. She can’t kick you out of your own house.” I actually was trying to get rid of her.


  “I like spending time with my bestie, though! Who cares about my sister.”


  I almost face palmed. This is how it was in the 8th grade. There was no possible way for her to go away, so, I just befriended her.


  “Aiden is staying the night tomorrow. Can you handle it?”

  “Yes! I love Aiden!”


  “Kelly you almost dropped him when he was a baby.”


  “I did not!”


  “Kelly! He was in your arms and you almost dropped him! Good thing I was there.”


  “Yes, exactly I can’t live without you. That’s another reason why I should stay here.”


  “Yay,” I muttered, sarcastically.


  “We’re going to have so much fun! Me, you and Aiden!”


  “I was thinking of taking him to the movies. You can go to. If you want to.”


  “Of course I want too!”


  I smiled. Yes, she’s annoying, but, she has a heart made out of gold. If you be mean to her she will either not realize it or she will run out of the room crying. 


  Except for her sister, of course. She doesn't act that way around her sister. She knows when Trisha’s being mean to her, because she knew Trisha, her whole life.


  I sighed. Tomorrow is going to be a big day. And... I took out the piece of paper Lane gave me out of my pocket. I have someone to call.

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