One More Chance

Something Split Angelina and Lane up. Who knows what? Maybe they weren't meant to be with each other or maybe they were in love at the wrong time.

What happens when she meets Lane again in another lifetime? Will she fall in love with him? Or will everything go wrong?

P.s. It's also on Wattpad at 'Divergent-Queen98'


1. Ch.1

 1817, January 16. 



  “I’m sorry Angelina, I got to go. I wish you well.”


  “Quedarse,” I muttered, in spanish. “Stay,” I translated. “Don’t leave me.”


   “I love...” he paused.


   “Say it,” I said. “Don’t be afraid. Don’t hide away from your feelings. No ocultan de nosotros.”


   “Can you stop speaking in spanish, Angelina?” He asked with an irritated tone in his voice.


   “Don’t hide from us,” I translated.


   I moved to america when I was sixteen and I didn’t want to move back ever sense. Defiantly, since meeting Lane.


  It’s also kind of funny because, Lane is not an easy person to get along with. But I got along with him just fine when I got to know him. That’s when I fell hopelessly in love with him.


   “I’m not hiding,” he said. “Don’t you see? I don’t love you. I never will.” He took a step toward me. “That’s just something that is running around in your head.” But I could see it. I could see the hurt in his eyes as clear as day. He was lying to me...and I have no idea why.


  “Stop lying,” I said.


  He sighed, “I’m not.” He turned away from me.


  “Then look at me and say your not lying.”


  He paused and finally faced me. “I can’t.” His eyes showed so much tenderness and care.


  “Why?” I asked.


  “Because I love you.”


  “Then don’t leave.”


  “I got to. You wouldn’t understand.” He held my eyes for a few seconds and walked away. Taking my heart with him.


  “No deje!” 


  He slammed the door behind him.


  “No deje!” 


  Tears slipped through my eyes. I cried and cried. 



                              2014, December 25.


  I smiled as my little cousin opened up a gift that was from me. 


  His face lit up as he took out a beagle from the box. The puppy grinned (yes, the dog actually looked like it grinned). He started licking Aiden on the face and that’s when I knew I picked well. Aiden giggled.


  I adopted him from a animal shelter about a week ago. He was the cutest beagle I have ever seen and I couldn’t bare to leave without him. I also knew I couldn’t take care of a dog. I can barely take care of myself. But, then I remembered my aunt, uncle, and cousin had wanted a dog for a while. 


  “Oh, Angelina, you shouldn’t have,” says aunt Tristen.


  “It’s no big deal.”


  “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”


  I smiled as Aiden ran into my arms.`


  “No problem, buddy,” I replied.


  “Can you speak something in spanish?” Asked Aiden with the biggest grin on his face.


  “Sure. Anything for you.” I meant it. I would do anything for Aiden. I’ve been babysitting him every Friday. It doesn't even feel like babysitting. Aiden is the best behaved kid I have ever met.


  I looked up at the ceiling to think. “Hmm, Feliz Navidad. ¿Está contento con sus regalos?”


  “Ohhh! I know what you said! Merry christmas! And yes, I am happy with my presents. Thanks for asking.”


  My mouth fell a little agape. “How did you learn so fast?”


  “You’re the one that told me, if you were interested in something you can learn it easier.”

  I smiled. “And I was absolutely right.”


  I’ve been teaching Aiden spanish. I didn’t think he would get that much already. I should’ve known. He is smart for a six year old.


  “Open up your gift, Ginie,” says uncle Jim.


  I smiled and picked up a small box with my name on it. “You didn’t have to get me anything.”


  “Nonsense,” says my Uncle. “After all the things you done for us?”


  Without anymore hesitation I unwrapped the box. 


  I smiled when I saw what it was. “Wow.” It was a necklace with my name carved in it. “It’s beautiful!”


  “I picked it out!” Aiden exaggerated.


  I ruffled his hair with a smile on my face.


  “What’s the dog’s name?” I asked him.


  “Hmmm, Lane.” Aiden grinned.



I left after hanging out with Aiden and his dog for a little while. It was exhausting. Defiantly chasing Aiden and Lane through the yard. Lane enjoyed the yard a little to much. Aiden had to chase him as much as he could.


  Now I’m in the store because I need milk...and I love milk. I can’t live without it. Milk keeps me going through the day.


  I also, have a very important show I want to watch. Actually, I need to watch it and I’m hoping to get my milk soon and leave.


 Unfortunately, someone was blocking my way. “Hey, you? Yes, you. If you don’t mind I really would like to get by. I have somewhere to be.”


  “I’m sorry am I in your way?” A deep voice asked. He turned around to shine his baby blue eyes. He had facial hair and kind of lightish brown hair. The dude was gorgeous to just sum it all up.


  When I realized my mouth slacked, I closed it. “Yea, a little,” I muttered.


  “Well, I wasn’t planning on moving.” His England accent was so thick.


  I closed my eyes and sighed. “¿Por qué hoy?”


  “Your spanish? That’s weird. I don’t hear a accent.”


   “That’s because, I’m not spanish. That’s my second language and my favorite language... Can you move now?” I asked with an irritated tone.


  He chuckled and pushed his buggy out of the way.


  “Thanks,” I muttered.


  “My name is Lane by the way!” He hollered from behind him.


  “What a coincidence, same name as my cousin’s dog!”


  He chuckled as he was walking away.


  Odd guy.


  I got my milk and left.



I got to say being at home by myself watching ‘Once upon of time,’ with a glass of milk is really relaxing.


  To bad that didn’t happen. 


  Instead my best friend decided to join me. I didn’t get to watch the new episode. At least, I got to listen to her complain about her sister.


  “She’s just annoying. She tries everything she can to make me in a bad mood. She hates me.”


  “Uh huh.” I turned to take a glimpse at the TV.


  She snapped her fingers in front of my face. “Are you listening to me?”


  I finally sighed and turned the TV off. “Of course I’m listening to you, Kelly.”


  Kelly is a beautiful blonde, with blue eyes to match. She wears a new scarf almost everyday and has her hair almost always in a ponytail. 


  “Anyway, like I was saying. Why can’t Trisha get her own place? She’s so annoying. I’m the one that’s paying the bills and was actually nice enough to let her stay under my roof for free. And what does she do? She ‘borrows’ my clothes, uses my hairbrush, and tried to steal my essay paper from college so she could use it. It’s bad enough as kids.”


  Did I mention Kelly talks a lot! I mean I don’t mind listening but, after a while of her complaining about her sister it gets old. It’s not that I don’t like her around, though.


  Trisha is her sister. They don’t get along all to well (obviously). Honestly, Trisha is hard to get along with at all.


  “Why won’t you kick her out?” I asked.


  “You don’t think I tried? I can’t seem to get her to go away. She’s like a fly that always seems to just be...there. You know?”


  I nodded, “Yes.” I sighed. If only she knew she’s the fly.


  “Your so lucky you have no siblings.”


  “I always wanted a little brother.”


   “Well, isn’t Aiden like your little brother?”


  I nodded. “He’s the closest I got to a brother.”


  She tilted her head back and gave an annoyed sigh. 


  She lye her head on my shoulder. “Can I stay here tonight?” She asked. 


  “You know you can.”


  “Isn’t Once Upon Of Time on?”


  “It’s off now,” I muttered.


  “Well, let’s do something else!”


  “Like what?”




  It was my turn to let out an annoyed sigh. “I can’t paint. I’m not artistic at all. You know that.”


  “Fine. We can go to the club?” She gave me a hopeful look.


  “Yes! Oh my word!” My eyes went wide in fake enthusiasm.


  “Wow! Really? I thought you were going to say no.” She stood up. “Let’s go!”


  “You know I don’t go to clubs.”


   “You’re lame,” she said. “Just this one time?”


   “No. No means no. I’m tired.”


    “Can we go tomorrow?” She asked.


    “You’re staying over tomorrow too?” My eyes went wide in horror.


    “Shut up.”


    “Ok, fine. We can tomorrow.”




     “Yes. Don’t make me change my mind.”


      She grinned. “I won’t. You’re going to have fun! I promise!”


      She walked out of my room. 


      “Don’t make promises you can’t keep!” I screamed after her.

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