The hanging tree (Lashton)


1. The hanging tree

Here's a Luke/Ashton based of the song "the hanging tree" from Mockingjay part 1. Beware these warnings: Self harm, Suicidal behaviours

Luke could count on one hand the moments he'd felt really happy, the moments he hadn't thought a single bad thought. Even if it was just for awhile. That was until Ashton came along. Ashton meant everything for Luke. It was a early spring day when Ashton had approached him, with his cute dimples and crocked smile. Luke could do nothing but stare at the beauty in front of him. He could see that the boy seemed to be talking, but he hadn't heard a single word. Later he came to wish that he had though, because now he couldn't memorise the first words the boy spoke at him. Instead he cleared his throat and nervously asked the boy if he could repeat what he was saying. The boy let out a soft laugh and sat down next to Luke on the hard grass, right underneath a huge tree. It was never until later Luke came to realise the boy did never repeat what he said. So they spent the whole day together, just sitting underneath that tree and it's own beauty. It wasn't until two weeks after, the boy told Luke his name was Ashton, and Luke made sure to always remember that. Even though he stilled looked at Ashton as the beautiful boy who sat quietly next to Luke underneath the big tree. After that the quietness came again. This time it was more relaxed. A mutual understanding was resting between them, and for the first time Luke felt like he didn't need words. Two weeks went by again and Luke found himself alone under that big tree. Ashton hadn't showed up, and Luke couldn't help but feel lonely. He was so used to seeing the other boy it seemed empty without him. That day he went home feeling incredibly disappointed, and like they say, it all went downhill from that. Ashton appeared at the big tree another two weeks later looking sad and tired. He sat down next to Luke and like the first day they met, the quietness wasn't as relaxed as it used to be. Luke simply gave Ashton a questioning look, feeling nervous and suddenly got a huge urge to cry. He swallowed that urge down though. As he assumed, Ashton had bad news. Ashton simply looked back at Luke and told him he couldn't be here anymore. He shattered that small friendship Luke had felt building up in the time frame of a couple of weeks. Luke felt sad and disappointed that the only time he had heard the other boy actually talk was to hear something like this. Suddenly he longed for the silence desperately. When Ashton left Luke was still there, staring at the ground. He didn't know if he wished for an explanation or not. If it could've made anything better. Probably not, but a small part of him just wanted to see the other boy's face one more time. Luke found himself constantly alone after that. He'd never had an actual friend, so he didn't know how it was to lose one. He realised in that moment that he almost wished he never got to feel it, but then he would've never gotten to sit with Ashton under that big tree either. Luke knew that him being alone wasn't good, then he had nothing to distract him from himself and his mind. When he was younger he used to tell people that his mind was evil. That it would make him do things to himself and that it hated him. After that very few talked to Luke. Two weeks after Ashton had left Luke found himself going absolutely insane with loneliness. He wanted that beautiful boy back, and didn't think he could bare going another day alone and sit under that huge tree without Ashton. One late afternoon he found something sharp poking out under the tree. His mind told him that this would make a beautiful pencil. So Luke started drawing on his pale skin with it, and found the marks almost as beautiful as he used to remember Ashton being. Sometimes he would simply sit and stare at them. Letting the silence consume it all. Sometimes he would lie down, feeling the hard ground underneath them. He would ignore the pain, because this pain felt ten times better than the one he felt when Ashton had told him he was leaving. Luke still found himself wondering what he had done wrong. Even if he kept telling himself it wasn't his fault, it was his mind's fault. It didn't like him. Two weeks later Luke had finally had it. He was so tired of hearing his mind telling him awful things, all he ever wanted was some peace and quietness. Something he didn't have anymore. So when he closed his eyes and let the darkness take him, he could finally hear nothing. Ashton would still visit the big tree once every two weeks. The difference now, they we're both alone there.

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