Skies At Midnight

Another romance poem full of love and romance. What it brings to us, How we feel. What we expect. What we do. So much love in us. We want to share.


1. Skies At Midnight

Skies at midnight

On a velvet blue sky

I feel your heartbeat

Beating close to mine


As I reach to the sky

I see shades of blue

I walk the skies

Searching for you


A dream comes to me

Of you by my side

Pulling a star from the sky

As you reach for me


I smell a garden of roses

With skies at midnight

The flowers are covered

With thoughts of you


The kisses come soft

As a butterfly wing

Will you carry me?

With you everywhere you go


Your treasures are with me

I cherish them all

Thoughts of you

With skies at midnight


I hear your voice

As I watch the moon

Your memory lingers near

In the midnight skies


Beneath a star filled sky

Comes passion and desire

As I glance at your face

My heart stands still

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