Twisted calumhood fanfic

Mary well met her soulmate or not !? 5⃣����


2. new friend

Bored in my room well i am going to starbucks i need to pick my outfit well i am choosing mu ripped jean always and nirvana shirt and my leather jacket.

Going down the stairs MOM AM GOING OUT i shouted

Opening my car start the engine

*skip the ride to starbucks*

How may i help you the lady at the counter said

I would like a cappuccino please i said

Coming right up ms.? She ask for my name

My name Maryanne and yours i know its kinda weird but i want to I know you look like to be a best friend i said

My name is taylor we should hang out tomorrow here's my number see you tomorrow mary she said as she gave my cappuccino Then i find a sit and i found one table for four sat on one of them and a guy with a black hair and highlight color is blonde said miss do you mind if sit here? I said no and whats your name you look familiar i ask he said i am Calum Hood and you are 'Maryanne Utrela I said can i have your number he ask and i said give me your phone i type my number and gave it to him

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