Whispers In The Dark

Whispers in the dark is about love and romance. Candlelight dinners and walks in the park. Love all around. Feeling so much for someone. Always wanting that kiss and warm embrace.


1. Whispers In The Dark

Candles all aglow

Bring memories of you

The promises spoken

With dancing moonlight


Whispers in the dark

Of a sky kissed with velvet

The lashes on your cheek


Dancing in morning light

My feelings begin to grow

A gentle butterfly wing

Kissed me in my sleep


I won't go as long

As there is candle light

I wish upon a star

How I wonder how you are


A touch upon me

Made me weep

While you hold me

In my sleep


Your my fairy

In my fantasy land

With kisses sweet

I heard you whisper to me


The dreams I have of you

I sprinkled them with dust

As the petals fell around

Whispers in the dark



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