This is about feeling. How you feel. What you feel. Pain and sorrow. Love and joy. Hurt and so much more. Life has so much history as well as history. It teaches us so much. If we take the time to look and listen. We may wonder sometimes hoe we will go on but we can do it if we want to. No matter how we hurt. The pain will go away.


1. Feeling

Feel the breeze upon your cheek

The caress of the sun on your skin

Butterfly kiss on your lips

The mist upon your fingertips


Moon glaze into your eyes

Stars in your eyes

Feel the hand upon your back

Love all around


Feel the pain

And hurt

Feel the shattered

Heart as it breaks


Life is a mystery

It offers much to you

While it takes it all away

It won't stay


Sometimes we wonder

Why do we have to lose?

But that is our lesson

We gain in return


We get hurt

Feel like we cannot 

Stand it anymore

But we move on


That is life

You don't always get what you want

But it is for our good

It may not be good for us


Feel the air

Breathe it in

The rain falling

Look at nature


At the things we see

Flowers bloom

Birds sing

Children play


We feel good

Sometimes sad and lonely

Mad and angry

That's the way it is

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