Filled with Horror

Lauren decides to invite her best friends Tanya and Marie to a halloween themed sleepover. They all decide to play the truth or dare game of Bloody Mary, after they wish they didnt.


2. The arranged halloween sleepover

It was a cold eery evening on the 31 st of October 1980. Laurens parents had arranged to go out to a classy restaurant for a meal with her mums best friend Harriet Wheeler. To celebrate her new job she recently started. She was working full time at an old fashioned sweetshop in the inner city of London.Lauren and her parents went to visit the sweetshop to have a tour around the shop. Harriet was really delighted that she got the full time job at the sweetshop. She always dreamed of running a sweetshop ever since she could remember. When her teacher or parents would ask her what job she would fancy doing when she was older, she would straight away say " Owner of a Sweetshop".

Her mum Susie Simpson, has been friends with Harriet Wheeler since they were both in high school together. For a really long time- 25 years. They both met in a maths class. Lauren, who now 14, turning 15 at the end of the month still was 100 percent sure of which career path she would be interested in taking. She still had plenty of time though to decide. She considered becoming an actress though when she was younger. She just loved the idea of being on television and pretending to be someone else. And she felt she had the right type of personaility for the job. Being naturally bubbly and having an excellent memory. Both her family and friends always called her a drama queen. Teasingly though funnily.


Lauren just sat heavily on the midnight blue leather worn sofa and just turned off the television. It was just some boring quiz master show, nothing worth watching at this time of the evening. Her parents promised her they would be back by around 12.45 at the latest. Lauren loved being home alone at times. No parent to shout at her for her lack of homework or ordering her to go upstairs to tidy her bedroom. Which often happened at home. Typical teenage behaviour her parents thought.

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