Filled with Horror

Lauren decides to invite her best friends Tanya and Marie to a halloween themed sleepover. They all decide to play the truth or dare game of Bloody Mary, after they wish they didnt.


1. Prologue

Do you remember playing the all round scary game of Bloody Mary during late night sleepovers or halloween parties? It is a top well known truth or dare game played amongst teenagers. The folklore legend of Bloody Mary, who is a scary looking evil spirit, has been around for many decades. Some people believe that if you stand in a dark room, preferably a bathroom and chant Bloody Marys name a few times whilst standing in front of a mirror her really looking hideous face could appear. Enough said about the ritual. Only the most bravest of people will attempt to play this game as the consequences may be fatal. You may end up trapped in the mirror world forever or she could just leave her fingerprints scar on your face.

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