Wrong Call

Ramifications of a wrong call. Please refer my Preview for further info.


1. Preface



It would be untruthful of me to call this story a figment of my own imagination. I conceived the theme of this story, along with the fantasy that forms its heart, from a program in visual media which was supposed to telecast comedies. The roots of this story originate from there, from that anonymous TV show. I have taken up the job of constructing a setting around it and sprinkling it with the savour of characters. Like any writer would, I have tried to map the traits of real world people I have seen into this tale’s characters.


I started this almost six months back, hoping to make a short story out of the idea. I did not plot, hoping to carry it on with situations I had in my mind (Courtesy : Stephen King’s On Writing). It grew beyond my calculations to a whopper of more than 25000 words. The appropriate name for this now, as per standard definitions, is novella.


Before you start to read this novella, I must say this is not a work of a great writer. On the contrary, this is a work of a novice. I wrote this story to bring myself up to speed with writing. For some, or most, the very central idea of this novella might seem childish. I thought it had something worth writing about, but I might have been terribly wrong, too. I urge you, reader, to fashion yourself with a critical eye. I welcome all sort of productive comments regarding the way this story is written, the usage of vocabulary, the application of grammar, the build of characters and most importantly, the punctuations - I had to plod through them with quite some effort. If the story gets boring - rest assured it will, on more than one occasion -  you could go away and call me names, but it would be of great help if you could return to the story sometime later, even if it is to find a chance to continue calling me names.


Thank you, in advance, for reading my story.

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