Wrong Call

Ramifications of a wrong call. Please refer my Preview for further info.


5. Chapter 3

18th June 2010, 09:00 A.M.





No sooner has he woken up the next morning than he checks out his cell phone. Nothing.


His call last night and the followup message look pointless attempts now. He peers into his cell phone screen every other minute during his morning chores only to groan with disappointment. ‘Figure’ has not bitten his bait. Pleasant morning turns into sunny noon, and further blanches on to a furious afternoon. At two, while he is back in his session with his friends, his message tone pings. He is so preoccupied with the wisecracks of his chums that he pulls out the phone only reluctantly and glances absently into the screen. A message from ‘Figure’.


“It’s okay.”


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