I was running, I can look back, he was still there! My legs are cold and numb as I run through the this, but soft, snow. "Get back here Kaser! I'm going to kill you!" Please no! I push myself to go faster, to keep moving even if my lungs are burning and I can't feel my legs.

I hear splashing ahead of me, I know he hate water! If I can cross it I might be able to escape! That thought brought a small smile to my blue, cold lips "I will catch you! I will kill you! Even if you do make it to the river and over it I will find a way to get into that land and get you back!" Keven yelled just as I just into the freezing water. I didn't realize how deep it was until it was to late and I sunk to the bottom, the water flow pushing me down stream.

My head hits rocks, sticks, I get pushed up to the surface only to get pulled back under, my vision gets fuzzy and I think I'm hallucinating because it feels like I'm getting lifted into a warm pair of strong arms of a male. While he growled "Mate!"


3. Chapter 3

With a pout I walk out of my room, my mind whizzing about how my mate got out there in the freezing water and almost died. I know he can from soot-frost territory, that disgusting place is full of forced mating, horrible living conditions and random kidna-my mate was kidnapped! That pack kidnapped my mate, most likely tortured him and maybe even...raped him. My wolf, Dux meaning leader in Latin,  growled at this and tried to make me run back up to comfort our mate but I continued to go down to the kitchen to make some nice light food for Kacer.

I look through the cupboards and pull out the vegemite and a small bowl, walking over to the kettle I turn it on so the water starts to boil. I put two tea spoons to vegemite into the small bowl, deciding to make him vegemite broth, and put a small piece of buttered bread. I poured the hot water in the bowl mixing the two different things together, making it into a nice warm soup.

I walked back to my room with the soup and bread on a tray, when I opened the door I saw Kacer cuddling my pillow, whimpering slightly. With a frown I walked closer to him and gently whispered his name, gaining his attention "Are you hungry?" Kacer gave me a small nod. He sat up and stared at his lap before I put the tray on his lap, Kacer grabbed the bread and ripped it into small bits, dipping hit in the hot liquid.

I know this is going to be a long road ahead but it is going to be worth it because Kacer is my mate. Mine.


So I know this is a short chapter but yeah. Hope you like it!






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