I was running, I can look back, he was still there! My legs are cold and numb as I run through the this, but soft, snow. "Get back here Kaser! I'm going to kill you!" Please no! I push myself to go faster, to keep moving even if my lungs are burning and I can't feel my legs.

I hear splashing ahead of me, I know he hate water! If I can cross it I might be able to escape! That thought brought a small smile to my blue, cold lips "I will catch you! I will kill you! Even if you do make it to the river and over it I will find a way to get into that land and get you back!" Keven yelled just as I just into the freezing water. I didn't realize how deep it was until it was to late and I sunk to the bottom, the water flow pushing me down stream.

My head hits rocks, sticks, I get pushed up to the surface only to get pulled back under, my vision gets fuzzy and I think I'm hallucinating because it feels like I'm getting lifted into a warm pair of strong arms of a male. While he growled "Mate!"


2. Chapter 2

Song is Cheerleader by OMI. 

Warm. I'm warm. I curl myself up into a tight ball as I hear a familiar song start to play, I love this song. I feel a vibration go through my pillow and that had me shooting up because I know pillows don't vibrate! "Whoa, little one. You're okay! Shh, calm down. You're safe." The voice is a deep baritone, it make shivers go through my body and to my groin. I look up and whimper at the sight, this man is a sex god! I look down and realize that that I'm on his chest, his bare chest that has solid muscle under the soft, tan skin an-oh god I'm naked! I let an unmanly squeak escape my mouth.

Suddenly his hand is running  through my hair, his deep strong voice whispering in my ear to take deep breaths and to relax. "W-who are you? Where am-am I?" I whisper before I have a coughing fit. He gives me a worried glance before his eyes glaze over for a minute or two before he answers me and his eyes go back to normal "I am Denvar Storme and you are in my home. I found you in the river near here, my doctor friend has helped you survive and me as well. What is your name, cutie?" He wraps me up in his arms, again, as I blush bright red. "U-umm Kacer Hades." I told him in a scratchy voice that made me wince. 

Denvar opened his mouth to say something but three loud knocks sounded at the door, Denvar shouted a quick "Come in!" before pulling me closer to him. When the door opened a tall, broad shouldered man walks in and gives me a kind smile "Hello there, my name is Vince and it is very nice to see you awake. If you don't mind I would like to run a few tests just to make sure everything is alright." I look up at Denvar then back at Vince and give a timid nod of my head. As I go to get up I get held down  by Denvar, he gave me a warning look and pulled a very large top over my head "Now you can get up." I flushed bright red again. This time when I went to get up he let me and let the doc do his thing. After listening to my heart beat, my breathing (I coughed alot) and taking my temperature. 

I cough again but this time, my stomach starts to turn and I reach for the bin, I saw earlier, and empty what little content it had in it into the bin "Kacer, shhh, you're going to be alright. That's it let it out. Come one, let me take care of you." Denvar is rubbing my back before picking me up, after I finish puking, and takes me into, what I presume is, the bathroom. I got placed on the toilet while Denvar pulled a fresh, clean tooth brush out of the cupboard under the sick "Here you go. After this I'll make you some chicken soup or something and you can go back to sleep." He gave me the tooth brush with tooth paste on it and I immediately started to clean the foal taste out of my mouth. Once finished I rinse off the brush, my mouth and I give him a quiet thank you and go to hop up but he just scoops me up in his arms before walking out to the bedroom and tucking me in bed "I'll be right back. Don't get up and just relax." Denvar told me and did something that took me by surprise. He leaned over and kissed my forehead, lingering a little, before leaving me alone in his room. 

A/N Nawww! I think this was a tad cute! What do you think???


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